Ranking Competition Rules:

  1. Points will be awarded for all events that you take part in
  2. A table will be published on the website with all riders points to date.
  3. The rider with the most points at the end of the year (December) will be awarded the RANKING Shield.

To collect Ranking Points:

  1. For all club time trial events (including the Hereward Series), points will be automatically allocated by the ranking coordinator.
  2. For open time trial events, points will be automatically awarded from results published on the CTT web site.
  3. For all other types of event it is the rider’s responsibility to notify the ranking coordinator (preferably via email).
  4. You need to email this information to: Dave Yarham. What you need to tell me: Name of the Event, Distance, Time (and if riding abroad – Country)

Ranking Competition table 2019

Table to be updated as 2019 season develops…  see here for 2019 event dates

 Club 10s Club Championships Open TTs  Road Races    
NameQtyPointsQtyPointsOpen<25Open >=25PointsQty(<=50miles)Qty(>50miles)PointsOtherTotal
Phil Jones1060055006817202820
Paul Pardoe21202200123162001940
Kevin Hobbs318011007514001680
Matt Senter077168001680
Dave Yarham04400135204501370
James Boardley53002200880001300
Harry Garfield1166066001260
Adrian McHale8480330044001180
Matt Garfield127204400001120
Martin Atkinson42401348601100
Martin Bullen07980980
Paul Breeze0044960960
Ben Magee106003300900
Mark Tomlinson742033001100820
Simon Pidduck848033000780
Michael Ledlie63603300660
Martin Mason42403300540
Peter Wilson74201100520
Ian Wild16000450510
Paul Townsin42402200440
Lisa-Jane Lait5300110000400
David Sargent-Szczesniak318022000380
Malcolm Smith0213400340
Matt Clarkson53001300
Geoff Walden530000300
Jamie Murray022000200
Fran Mulhern022000200
Stephen Parnwell318000180
Julian Fryer212000120
Steven Nile01100100
Paul Stevenson01100100
Chris Rimes160060
Sharron King160060
James Gelsthorpe1600060

Points are awarded on the basis of  the following counting event types:

  • Summer League 10mls = 60pts
  • Open Road Race (< 50 mls) = 100pts
  • Open Road Race (>= 50mls) = 140pts
  • Open Time Trial (< 25 mls) = 100pts
  • Open Time Trial (>=25 mls) = 140pts
  • Club Championship Event = 100pts
  • Hereward Series Inter Club Event = 100pts
  • Track Meeting = 100pts
  • Club 2 up Team Trial = 100pts ( to each rider )
  • Mountain Bike Event = 100pts
  • Cyclo Cross Event = 100pts
  • Reliability Trials (< 80 mls) = 40pts
  • Reliability Trials (>= 80 mls) = 75pts
  • Audax ( UK ) (< 80 mls) = 50pts
  • Audax ( UK ) (>= 80 mls) = 80pts
  • Sportive ( UK ) (< 80 mls) = 50pts
  • Sportive( UK ) (>= 80 mls) = 80pts
  • Audax ( Abroad ) = 150pts
  • Sportive ( Abroad ) = 150pts
  • Coast to Coast = 200pts
  • End to End ( Lejog ) = 450pts

Any member who rode in any Club organized Event, the points will be counted automatically to the Table.