Time Trials

Time Trials are often described as ‘the race of truth’.  No other riders to draft behind, no team mates to help, just you and your bike against the clock. They are also the easiest form of competitive cycling to get involved with, requiring nothing more than a road-worthy bike. It doesn’t have to be an expensive TT bike, you can race on your Road Bike, or even a Hybrid or Mountain Bike if you like! Most people who give time-trialling a go soon discover the addictive thrill of testing your self against the clock and come back for more!

Club Time Trials

As a club we run a full schedule of club time trials through the spring and summer on Thursday evenings near the village of Helpston that are open to all. Please see the list of events on our Club Events page for dates and times. No need to enter in advance, you pay on the night and you don’t have to be a club member to get involved*. We also welcome riders from other cycling clubs.

Over the course of the season we run a number of championships for club members to compete in, details of which can be found on our Club Championships page. These include a Road Bike TT league which is also open to non-club members, so come down to one of events and give it a go!

If you have any questions on how to get involved, please head over to the club Facebook page or get in contact with our club Secretary.

(*For the purposes of insurance, you can ride in 3 events before you need to be member of either PCC or another cycling club associated with the national time trial body, Cycling Time Trials).

Hereward League

PCC is also a member of the Hereward Time Trial League, which is a local inter-club competition between PCC, Fenland Clarion, Bourne Wheelers and Spalding Cycle Club. We each hold a 10 mile TT and the rider with the most posts for the 4 events is the winner of the league. Details of the Hereward League events can be found on our Club Events page.

Open Time Trials

PCC has a strong and active squad of ‘Testers’ racing in Open competitions throughout the season at local, regional and National Championship events.

More information on Open Time Trial events and event entry, including national championship events,  can be found on the Cycling Time Trial Website: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/

A reminder to any new members thinking of representing PCC at Open TT events.

  1. You must first register and pay to ride with the race organizer at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. The CTT Website has a full list of Events and allows you to register and pay on-line securely.
  3. Peterborough comes within the South East Midlands District.
  4. Do NOT  perform U Turns near the start area or warm-up on the course once racing has started.
  5. If you need any advice please ask, we will try to help.

We are an associated with club for two regional TT cycle associations, giving access for our members to race in the competitions they organise:

Northants and District Cycle Association (N&DCA)

The N&DCA organises a series of ‘sporting’ TTs through the spring and summer across, with two events normally being held just outside Peterborough on the ‘old A1’ near Stilton/Sawtry (one organised by the club) and the rest around a 50 min to 1 hour drive away from Peterborough.

As a member of PCC, you are eligible for the N&DCA TT Championship, which has an Overall Championship, Short Distance Championship, Team Championship, Vets championships across a number of age groups, Ladies and Juniors championships. The club has strong track record of success in the N&DCA in recent years, having won the overall, Short Distance and Team Championships for last 3 years.

More details and events can be found on the N&DCA website: http://northamptondca.org.uk/home

Eastern Counties Cycling Association (ECCA)

The ECCA runs a series of Time Trials through the Spring and Summer (as well as some Road Races) that are only eligible to associated clubs. As a PCC member you are eligible to ride in their events, often on some of the post popular (and therefore over subscribed) TT courses in the East of England.

The ECCA runs a number of competitions including a Long Distance Championship, a Short Distance Championship for events upto 25 miles and a Scratch Championship events at 50, 30, 25 & 10 mile distances as well as a Team Time Trial event.

More details can be found on the ECCA website: http://easterncounties.org.uk/

Veterans Time Trial Association (VTTA)

Club members aged 40 and over are also eligible for VTTA events, (there is a membership fee to join to the VTTA). Please see their website for more details: https://www.vtta.org.uk/