In the long history of Peterborough Cycling Club, this page provides a view of the trophy winners going back to 1922.  It covers the period through to 1999.  Our Club Historian, Ron, keeps a record of all the trophy winners and researches the history of the club.

If you have won a club trophy, or are simply interested in the history of the club, you can search and sort this table to trophy winners by competition, trophy, or name.

This page lists more recent trophy winners, from 2000, onwards.

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Peterborough Cycling Club History: Trophy winners 1922-1999

1922Rimes CupE. Goode1hrs 13mins 27secs
1923Rimes CupC. P. Hopkin1hrs 11mins 55secs
1924Rimes CupC. P. Hopkin1hrs 8mins 46secs
1925Rimes CupC. P. Hopkin1hrs 11mins 45secs
1926Rimes CupC. P. Hopkin1hrs 12mins 53secs
1927Married v Single Shield MARRIED Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1927Rimes CupC. P. Hopkin1hrs 11mins 50secs
1927T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )C. B. Beeby201.900mls
1927The Championship CupC. B. Beeby
1928Married v Single Shield MARRIED Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1928Rimes CupC. P. Hopkin1hrs 11mins 14secs
1928T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )C. B. Beeby219.750mls
1928The Championship CupC. B. Beeby
1928Yarrow CupC. B. Beeby5hrs 5mins 16secs
1929Rimes CupW. A. Crowson1hrs 7mins 35secs
1929T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )C. B. Beeby206.100mls
1929The Championship CupW. C. Holloway
1929Yarrow CupE. E. Baker5hrs 15mins 48secs
1930Gibson Cup ( 1st )J. C. Hollowell2hrs 21mins 32secs
1930Rimes CupC. B. Beeby1hrs 13mins 0secs
1930T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )H. A. Rimes202.100mls
1930The Championship CupJ. C. Hollowell
1931Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1931Rimes CupJ. C. Hollowell1hrs 11mins 22secs
1931T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )A. G. Beardsall206.70 mls
1931The Championship CupJ. C. Hollowell
1932Rimes CupJ. C. Hollowell1hrs 8mins 58secs
1932T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )E. E. Baker200.50 mls
1932The Championship CupE. E. Baker
1932Yarrow CupE. E. Baker5hrs 17mins 42secs
1933Gibson Cup ( 2nd )E. E. Baker2hrs 22mins 56secs
1933Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1933Rimes CupW. Bullen1hrs 7mins 8secs
1933T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )A. E. Ashby210.50 mls
1933The Championship CupE. E. Baker
1933Yarrow CupE. E. Baker5hrs 20mins 4secs
1934Cashmore CupE. E. Baker205mls 704yds
1934Gibson Cup ( 2nd )E. E. Baker2hrs 23mins 45secs
1934Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1934Rimes CupW. Bullen1hrs 8mins 13secs
1934T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )E. E. Baker205.40 mls
1934The Championship CupE. E. Baker
1934Yarrow CupE. E. Baker4hrs 55mins 45secs
1935Rimes CupW. Bullen1hrs 6mins 56secs
1935Yarrow CupE. E. Baker5hrs 25mins 20secs
1936Cashmore CupC. B. Beeby190mls 0yds
1936Rimes CupS. A. White1hrs 6mins 51secs
1936T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )C. B. Beeby190.00 mls
1936The Championship CupW. Bullen
1936Yarrow CupA. E. Middleditch5hrs 8mins 40secs
1937Rimes CupS. A. White1hrs 7mins 36secs
1937The Championship CupS. A. White
1937Yarrow CupN. G. Perkins5hrs 0mins 12secs
1938Cashmore CupS. A. White224mls 440yds
1938Rimes CupG. R. Boyden1hrs 6mins 9secs
1938T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )S. A. White224.250mls
1938The Championship CupS. A. White
1938Yarrow CupS. A. White4hrs 59mins 30secs
1939Gibson Cup ( 3rd )N. G. Perkins2hrs 17mins 9secs
1939Rimes CupN. G. Perkins1hrs 9mins 12secs
1939The Championship CupN. G. Perkins
1939Yarrow CupN. G. Perkins5hrs 1mins 51secs
1945Rimes CupG. R. Boyden1hrs 12mins 3secs
1946Cashmore CupB. A. Kelly210mls 176yds
1946Gibson Cup ( 3rd )W. Watson2hrs 25mins 27secs
1946Rimes CupS. A. White1hrs 8mins 55secs
1946T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )B. A. Kelly210.40 mls
1946The Championship CupS. A. White
1946Yarrow CupS. A. White4hrs 59mins 36secs
1947Beardsall CupS. A. White1hrs 21mins 1secs
1947Cashmore CupN. G. Perkins214mls 880yds
1947Gibson Cup ( 3rd )S. A. White2hrs 20mins 55secs
1947Married v Single Shield MARRIED Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1947Rimes CupS. A. White1hrs 8mins 54secs
1947Slater CupN. G. Perkins1mins 16. 0secs
1947T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )N. G. Perkins214.50 mls
1947The Championship CupN. G. Perkins
1947The Mundy BowlN. Haycock
1947Thomas Kelly 1947 CupJ. Bullen12hrs in 190mls 375yfs
1947Yarrow CupN. G. Perkins5hrs 0mins 12secs
1948Beardsall CupW. P. Clark1hrs 18mins 38secs
1948Cashmore CupN. G. Perkins215mls 1190yds
1948Gibson Cup ( 3rd )S. A White2hrs 16mins 21secs
1948Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1948Rimes CupS. A. White1hrs 6mins 6secs
1948Slater CupN. G. Perkins1mins 19. 0secs
1948T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )S. A. White225mls 1523yds
1948The Championship CupS. A. White
1948The Mundy BowlN. G. Perkins
1948Thomas Kelly 1947 CupB. A. KellyYarmouth & Bacxk in 11hrs 40mins
1948Yarrow CupN. G. Perkins4hrs 51mins 24secs
1949Beardsall CupS. A. White1hrs 20mins 21secs
1949Cashmore CupN. G. Perkins230mls 1730yds
1949Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1949Rimes CupW. P. Clark1hrs 4mins 54secs
1949Slater CupN. G. Perkins1mins 17.20secs
1949T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )N. G. Perkins230mls 1730yds
1949The Championship CupN. G. Perkins
1949The Mundy BowlW. P. Clark
1949Thomas Kelly 1947 CupJ. Bullen100mls in 5hrs 1min 44secs
1949Yarrow CupN. G. Perkins4hrs 44mins 30secs
1950Beardsall CupS. A. White1hrs 20mins 55secs
1950Cashmore CupL. C. Young228mls 520yds
1950Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1950Rimes CupS. A. White1hrs 7mins 4secs
1950Slater CupN. G. Perkins1mins 15.80secs
1950Smith CupJ. Broughton1hrs 8mins 8secs
1950T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )G. H. Cox234mls 1673yds
1950The Championship CupG. H. Cox
1950The Mundy BowlL. C. Young
1950Thomas Kelly 1947 CupL. C. YoungLondon to York Tandam R.R.A. 8hrs 0mins
1950Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. NeedleLondon to York Tandam R.R.A. 8hrs 0mins
1951Beardsall CupR. Needle1hrs 0mins 0secs
1951Cashmore CupL. C. Young233mls 1752yds
1951Gibson Cup ( 4th )R. Needle - L .C. Young (tie)2hrs 9mins 14secs
1951Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1951Rimes CupN. Watkins1hrs 4mins 4secs
1951Slater CupN. G. Perkins1mins 15.60secs
1951Smith CupN. Watkins1hrs 5mins 35secs
1951T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )L. C. Young237mls 108yds
1951The Championship CupL. C. Young
1951The Mundy BowlG. H. Cox
1951Yarrow CupL. C. Young4hrs 39mins 25secs
1952Beardsall CupG. H. Cox1hrs 18mins 42secs
1952Cashmore CupL. C. Young226mls 1054yds
1952Gibson Cup ( 4th )N. Watkins2hrs 11mins 50secs
1952Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1952Rimes CupR. Needle1hrs 7mins 10secs
1952Slater CupN. G. Perkins1mins 16.40secs
1952Smith CupR. Leivers1hrs 5mins 43secs
1952T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )L. C. Young244mls 347yds
1952The Championship CupL. C. Young
1952The Mundy BowlG. H. Cox
1952Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. SmithBarnet and Back Trike 7hrs:26mins:4secs
1952Yarrow CupG. H. Cox4hrs 41mins 19secs
1953Beardsall CupA. J. Glazbrook1hrs 17mins 49secs
1953Cashmore CupA. J. Glazbrook233mls 463yds
1953Cole CupJ. Bullen10mls Scr. 29mins 01secs
1953Gibson Cup ( 4th )C. E. Marsden2hrs 12mins 38secs
1953Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1953Rimes CupC. E. Marsden1hrs 3mins 54secs
1953Slater CupG. H. Cox1mins 18. 0secs
1953Smith CupC. E. Marsden1hrs 3mins 50secs
1953T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )A. J. Glazbrook241mls 1646yds
1953The Championship CupA. J. Glazbrook
1953The Mundy BowlC. E. Marsden
1953Thomas Kelly 1947 CupA. J. Glazbrook100mls - 4hrs:18mins:08secs
1953Yarrow CupA. J. Glazbrook4hrs 41mins 14secs
1954Beardsall CupJ. R. Watkins1hrs 15mins 34secs
1954Cashmore CupJ. R. Watkins239mls 749yds
1954Gibson Cup ( 4th )C. E. Marsden2hrs 8mins 20secs
1954Rimes CupJ. R. Watkins1hrs 2mins 48secs
1954Slater CupJ. R. Watkins1mins 19.40secs
1954Smith CupJ. Howland1hrs 8mins 23secs
1954T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )J. R. Watkins239mls 749yds
1954The Championship CupJ. R. Watkins
1954The Mundy BowlH. L. Taylor
1954Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. Smith24hrs - 373mls:1048yds
1954Yarrow CupH. L. Taylor4hrs 55mins 1secs
1955Beardsall CupJ. R. Watkins1hrs 19mins 21secs
1955Cashmore CupA. J. Terelinck229mls 1670yds
1955Gibson Cup ( 4th )J. R. Watkins2hrs 10mins 39secs
1955Rimes CupJ. R. Watkins1hrs 3mins 54secs
1955Slater CupP. Carter1mins 22secs
1955Smith CupJ. Howland1hrs 4mins 15secs
1955T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )A. J. Terelinck229mls 1670yds
1955The Championship CupI. Codd
1955The Mundy BowlA. J. Terelinck
1955Thomas Kelly 1947 CupI. CoddLeicester and Back 3hrs:56mins:08secs
1955Yarrow CupI. Codd4hrs 40mins 9secs
1956Beardsall CupJ. R. Watkins1hrs 18mins 13secs
1956Cashmore CupB. A. Kelly233mls 1636yds
1956Gibson Cup ( 4th )J. R. Watkins2hrs 16mins 57secs
1956Rimes CupJ. R. Watkins1hrs 4mins 7secs
1956Slater CupN. H. Staunton1mins 25.4secs
1956Smith CupR. C. Howland1hrs 5mins 47secs
1956T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )B. A. Kelly233mls 1636yds
1956The Championship CupR. C. Howland
1956The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1956Yarrow CupR. C. Howland4hrs 52mins 8secs
1957Beardsall CupR. Starr1hrs 22mins 46secs
1957Cashmore CupB. A. Kelly219mls 1184yds
1957Gibson Cup ( 4th )R. Starr2hrs 10mins 8secs
1957Rimes CupR. Starr1hrs 4mins 25secs
1957Slater CupR. C. Howland1mins 24.4secs
1957Smith CupR. Thornton1hrs 8mins 50secs
1957T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )R. Starr230mls 175yds
1957The Championship CupR. Starr
1957The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1957Thomas Kelly 1947 CupA. P. Curry F.R.R.A.25mls M.G. 1hrs:6mins:41secs
1958Beardsall CupR. C. Howland1hrs 31mins 57secs
1958Cashmore CupR. C. Howland246mls 726yds
1958Gibson Cup ( 4th )A. Login2hrs 19mins 51secs
1958Rimes CupR. C. Howland1hrs 3mins 56secs
1958Smith CupA. Login1hrs 5mins 5secs
1958T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )R. C. Howland246mls 726yds
1958The Championship CupR. C. Howland
1958The Mundy BowlR. Lewthwaite
1958Yarrow CupR. C. Howland4hrs 23mins 11secs
1959Beardsall CupJ. R. Watkins1hrs 23mins 30secs
1959Cashmore CupB. A. Kelly231mls 1756yds
1959Gibson Cup ( 4th )R. C. Howland2hrs 15mins 13secs
1959Rimes CupC. Smith1hrs 3mins 3secs
1959Slater CupR. C. Howland1mins 15.4secs
1959Smith CupA. Login1hrs 3mins 59secs
1959T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )B. A. Kelly231mls 1756yds
1959The Championship CupR. Starr21.055mph
1959The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1959Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. Starr
1959Yarrow CupR. Starr4hrs 41mins 34secs
1960Beardsall CupR. C. Howland1hrs 16mins 55secs
1960Cashmore CupR. C. Howland246mls 387yds
1960Cole CupS. Chapman1hr 35mins 4secs Aggt
1960Gibson Cup ( 4th )R. C. Howland2hrs 7mins 35secs
1960Rimes CupK. Blacklock1hrs 6mins 7secs
1960Slater CupR. C. Howland
1960T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )R. C. Howland246.22 mls
1960The Championship CupR. C. Howland22.729mph
1960The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1960Thomas Kelly 1947 CupE. T. Hill12hrs - 229.15mls
1960Yarrow CupR. C. Howland4hrs 34mins 26secs
1961Beardsall CupK. Blacklock1hrs 15mins 47secs
1961Cashmore CupB. A. Kelly230mls 1492yds
1961Rimes CupR. C. Howland1hrs 2mins 8secs
1961Slater CupR. C. Howland1mins 17.6secs
1961Smith CupR. Auckland1hrs 5mins 15secs
1961T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )R. C. Howland233mls 1292yds
1961The Championship CupR. C. Howland22.199 mls
1961The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1961Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. Goodman25mls - 1hrs:4mins:19secs
1961Yarrow CupR. C. Howland4hrs 43mins 51secs
19621962 Trophy winners
1962Beardsall CupJ. D. Savill1hrs 13mins 59secs
1962Cashmore CupT. W. Brown223mls 323yds
1962Rimes CupJ. D. Savill58mins 16secs
1962Slater CupJ. D. Savill1mins 24.20secs
1962Smith CupJ. D. Savill59mins 33secs
1962T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )T. W. Brown223mls 523yds
1962The Championship CupT. W. Brown22.139mph
1962The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1962Thomas Kelly 1947 CupJ. D. Savill25mls - 58mins:16secs
1962Yarrow CupT. W. Brown4hrs 43mins 45secs
1963Beardsall CupJ. D. Savill1hrs 13mins 38secs
1963Cashmore CupI. Hiles243mls 730yds
1963Rimes CupJ. D. Savill59mins 49secs
1963Slater CupK. Page1mins 35.6secs
1963Smith CupJ. D. Savill59mins 23secs
1963T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )I. Hiles243mls 730yds
1963The Championship CupI. Hiles22.929mph
1963The Mundy BowlE. T. Hill
1963Yarrow CupT. W. Brown4hrs 36mins 1secs
1964Beardsall CupT. W. Brown1hrs 16mins 5secs
1964Cashmore CupT. W. Brown198mls 758yds
1964Rimes CupT. W. Brown1hrs 1mins 19secs
1964Slater CupT. W. Brown1mins 15.60secs
1964Smith CupT. A. Wright1hrs 3mins 50secs
1964T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )T. W. Brown198mls 758yds
1964The Championship CupT. W. Brown21.032mph
1964Thomas Kelly 1947 CupT. A. Wright
1965Beardsall CupT. A. Wright1hrs 15mins 19secs
1965Cashmore CupG. Cowland228mls 1597yds
1965Cole CupI. Orbell
1965Rimes CupT. A. Wright59mins 22secs
1965Slater CupT. W. Brown1mins 12. 4secs
1965Smith CupT. A. Wright1hrs 0mins 44secs
1965T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )G. Cowland228mls 1597yds
1965The Championship CupR. Kelly21.459mph
1965The Mundy BowlD. Stanbridge
1965Thomas Kelly 1947 CupI. Orbell
1965Yarrow CupD. Stanbridge4hrs 59mins 26secs
1966Beardsall CupT. A. Wright1hrs 11mins 54secs
1966Cole CupI. Orbell25mls.
1966Rimes CupD. StanbridgeShort Course
1966Slater CupD. Stanbridge1mins 15.4secs
1966T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )D. Stanbridge214.03 mls
1966The Championship CupD. Stanbridge22.101mph
1966Thomas Kelly 1947 CupT. A. WrightNational Penny Farthing 1ml. Champion
1966Yarrow CupD. Stanbridge4hrs 34mins 55secs
1967Cashmore CupT. A. Wright222mls 1232yds
1967Rimes CupT. W. Brown1hrs 0mins 52secs
1967Slater CupD. Moisey1mins 27.6secs
1967Smith CupT. A. Wright1hrs 6mins 41secs
1967T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )T. A. Wright222.70 mls
1967Taylor CupT. A. Wright1hrs 0mins 38secs
1967The Championship CupT. A. Wright22.251mph
1967Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. Kelly
1967Yarrow CupT. A. Wright4hrs 30mins 14secs
1968Beardsall CupT. A. Wright1hrs 17mins 7secs
1968Cashmore CupT. A. Wright230mls 0yds
1968Charles C. Thomson CupT. A. Wright2hrs 8mins 2secs
1968Cole CupE. Chambers10mls
1968Rimes CupT. A. Wright1hrs 1mins 15secs
1968Slater CupT. A. Wright1mins 23.4secs
1968Smith CupT. A. Wright1hrs 1mins 29secs
1968T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )T. A. Wright230.00 mls
1968Taylor CupT. A. Wright1hrs 1mins 45secs
1968The Championship CupT. A. Wright22.672mph
1968The Mundy BowlR. Kelly
1968Thomas Kelly 1947 CupA. J. Terelinck
1968Yarrow CupT. A. Wright4hrs 29mins 52secs
1969Beardsall CupT. A. Wright1hrs 15mins 43secs
1969Cashmore CupR. Kelly224mls 795yds
1969Cole CupE. Chambers10mls.
1969Rimes CupT. A. Wright1hrs 2mins 31secs
1969Slater CupR. Kelly1mins 17.2secs
1969Smith CupM. Bullen1hrs 8mins 11secs
1969T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )T. A. Wright242mls 267yds
1969Taylor Cup1hrs 2mins 49secs
1969The Championship CupT. A. Wright22.905mph
1969The Mundy BowlR. Kelly
1969Thomas Kelly 1947 CupD. StanbridgeS.E.M. 4up Team Trial Champions
1969Thomas Kelly 1947 CupT. A. WrightS.E.M. 4up Team Trail Champions
1969Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. KellyS.E.M. 4up Team Trial Champions
1969Thomas Kelly 1947 CupT. W. BrownS.E.M. 4up Team Trial Champions
1969Yarrow CupD. Stanbridge4hrs 21mins 21secs
1970Beardsall CupR. Kelly1hrs 14mins 17secs
1970Cashmore CupP. Coldwell235mls 1672yds
1970Charles C. Thomson CupR. Kelly2hrs 13mins 8secs
1970Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1970Rimes CupD. Stanbridge59mins 15secs
1970Slater CupT. W. Brown1mins 17.30secs
1970Smith CupM. Bullen1hrs 5mins 35secs
1970T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )P. Coldwell235mls 1672yds
1970Taylor CupD. Stanbridge1hrs 0mins 33secs
1970The Championship CupP. Coldwell23.154mph
1970The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1970Thomas Kelly 1947 CupP. Coldwell50mls - 1hrs:59mins:13secs
1970Yarrow CupP. Coldwell4hrs 37mins 41secs
1971Beardsall CupD. Stanbridge1hrs 11mins 29secs
1971Cashmore CupD. J. Stratton238mls 158yds
1971Charles C. Thomson CupP. Coldwell2hrs 10mins 3secs
1971Cole CupI Brown1hrs 10mins 52secs
1971E. T. ShieldR. HobbyNewark Castle C.C.
1971Married v Single Shield SINGLE Team2hr 50mins 41secs
1971Rimes CupD. Stanbridge58mins 58secs
1971Slater CupT. W. Brown1mins 11.80secs
1971Smith CupM. Bullen1hrs 0mins 12secs
1971T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )D. J. Stratton238mls 158yds
1971Taylor CupD. Stanbridge1hrs 2mins 16secs
1971The Championship CupP. Coldwell22.838mph
1971The Mundy BowlD. J. Stratton
1971Thomas Kelly 1947 CupG. Bibby25mls 1hr 2mins 27sec
1971Yarrow CupD. Stanbridge4hrs 32mins 34secs
1972Beardsall CupI. Waddilove1hrs 12mins 9secs
1972Cashmore CupP. Coldwell235mls 709yds
1972Charles C. Thomson CupP. Coldwell2hrs 11mins 22secs
1972Cole CupN. Coldwell1hrs 17mins 30secs
1972E. T. ShieldV..SmithHull Thursday R.C.
1972Rimes CupI. Waddilove1hrs 0mins 58secs
1972Slater CupI. McKie1mins 9. 6secs
1972Smith CupM. Bullen57mins 42secs
1972T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )P. Coldwell235mls 709yds
1972Taylor CupB. A. Kelly1hrs 7mins 32secs
1972Taylor ShieldB. A. Kelly
1972The Championship CupP. Coldwell22.504mph
1972The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1972Thomas Kelly 1947 CupM. Bullen25mls - 57mins:20secs
1972Yarrow CupB. A. Kelly4hrs 54mins 16secs
1973Cashmore CupR. Kelly236mls 456yds
1973Charles C. Thomson CupI. Waddilove2hrs 13mins 47secs
1973E. T. ShieldJ. JonesOundle Velo
1973Rimes CupI. McKie58mins 27secs
1973Slater CupI. Waddilove1mins 14.4secs
1973T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )R. Kelly236.496mls
1973Taylor CupB. A .Kelly1hrs 9mins 16secs
1973Taylor ShieldB. A. Kelly
1973The Championship CupR. Kelly22.189mph
1973The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1973Thomas Kelly 1947 CupJ. D. Savill25mls - 56mins:20secs
1973Yarrow CupR. Kelly4hrs 37mins 22secs
1974Cashmore CupM. Waller236mls 1004yds
1974Charles C. Thomson CupJ. D. Savill2hrs 11mins 10secs
1974E. T. ShieldG Dubois BourgesBAC
1974Married v Single Shield MarriedJ. Savill, R Kelly, R Auckland 2hr 50mins 41secs
1974Rimes CupJ. D. Savill58mins 7secs
1974Smith CupI. Waddilove1hrs 0mins 12secs
1974T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )M. Waller238.571mls
1974Taylor CupJ. D. Savill
1974Taylor ShieldB. A. Kelly
1974The Championship CupI. Waddilove23.031mph
1974The Mundy BowlM. Waller
1974Thomas Kelly 1947 CupH. L. Taylor25mls HDC - 56mins:03secs
1974Yarrow CupI. Waddilove4hrs 35mins 35secs
1975Cashmore CupR. Kelly232mls 1555yds
1975Charles C. Thomson CupR Auckland2hrs 23mins 11secs
1975E. T. ShieldM. PendletonLuton Whs
1975Married v Single ShieldI. Waddilove,M Bullen,S Greenland 2hr 50mins 41secs
1975Ray Needle ShieldM. Bullen53mins 35secs
1975Rimes CupI. Waddilove59mins 19secs
1975Smith CupI. Waddilove58mins 46secs
1975T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )R. Kelly232.884mls
1975Taylor CupN. Low1hrs 5mins 41secs
1975Taylor ShieldB. A. Kelly
1975The Championship CupR. Auckland22.125mph
1975The Mundy BowlR. Kelly
1975Thomas Kelly 1947 CupB. A. KellyNottingham to Skegness
1975Yarrow CupI. Waddilove4hrs 41mins 42secs
1976Cashmore CupB. A. Kelly220mls 337yds
1976Charles C. Thomson CupP. Pepper2hrs 18mins 47secs
1976E. T. ShieldJ. WhitehouseC.C Luton
1976Married v Single ShieldP. Pepper, R Auckland, D Routledge 2hr 50mins 41secs
1976Ray Needle ShieldM. Clarke56mins 30secs
1976Rimes CupJ. D. Savill58mins 6secs
1976Slater CupA. Bond1mins 16.2secs
1976Smith CupJ. French1hrs 5mins 34secs
1976T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )D. Routledge237.71 mls
1976Taylor CupJ. D. Savill1hrs 0mins 58secs
1976Taylor ShieldB. A. Kelly
1976The Championship CupD. Routledge22.102mph
1976The Mundy BowlB. A. Kelly
1976Thomas Kelly 1947 CupG. Cowland50mls
1976Yarrow CupT. A. Wright4hrs 41mins 15secs
1977Beardsall CupM. Waller1hrs 15mins 46secs
1977Cashmore CupM. Bullen246mls 700yds
1977Charles C. Thomson CupM. Waller2hrs 11mins 13secs
1977E. T. ShieldS. WakefieldV.C. Europa
1977Married v Single ShieldD. Peckett, D Swiffen. R Swiffen 2hr 50mins 41secs
1977Ray Needle ShieldD. Swiffen58mins 4secs
1977Rimes CupM. Waller1hrs 0mins 42secs
1977Slater CupI. McKie1mins 19.2secs
1977Smith CupD. Peckett1hrs 5mins 36secs
1977T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )M. Bullen246.398mls
1977Taylor CupP. Pepper1hrs 3mins 52secs
1977The Championship CupM. Bullen22.424mph
1977The Mundy BowlR. Auckland
1977Thomas Kelly 1947 CupM. Bullen12hrs - 246mls.398mls
1978Beardsall CupJ. D. Savill1hrs 15mins 0secs
1978Cashmore CupM. Bullen229mls 1362yds
1978Charles C. Thomson CupJ. D. Savill2hrs 5mins 0secs
1978E. T. ShieldJ. HearnG.S. Corrida
1978Married v Single ShieldJ. Savill, P French, A Bond 2hr 50mins 41secs
1978Ray Needle ShieldE. E. Baker54mins 10secs
1978Rimes CupJ. D. Savill58mins 17secs
1978Rob Corrigan Memorial TrophyD. Savill3mins 23. 4secs
1978Slater CupJ. D. Savill1mins 16.20secs
1978Smith CupD. Swiffen1hrs 0mins 14secs
1978T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )J. D. Savill229.774mls
1978Taylor CupD. Swiffen1hrs 3mins 36secs
1978The Championship CupJ. D. Savill23.084mph
1978Thomas Kelly 1947 CupS. Brooks
1978Yarrow CupJ. D. Savill4hrs 24mins 37secs
1979Beardsall CupJ. French1hrs 11mins 30secs
1979Cashmore CupM. Bullen248mls 1758yds
1979Charles C. Thomson CupM. Bullen2hrs 7mins 59secs
1979E. T. ShieldD.MillerV.C. Europa
1979Married v Single ShieldJ. French, S Brooks, R Auckland 2hr 50mins 41secs
1979Morrison ShieldS. Clutterbuck23.805mph
1979Ray Needle ShieldS. Clutterbuck55mins 12secs
1979Rimes CupJ. French56mins 29secs
1979Slater CupC. B. Beeby1mins 23.2secs
1979Smith CupA. Gedney1hrs 4mins 40secs
1979T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )M. Bullen248.999mls
1979Taylor CupS. Brooks1hrs 2mins 23secs
1979The Championship CupM. Bullen22.929mph
1979The Mundy BowlS. Brooks
1979Thomas Kelly 1947 CupJ. French
1979Yarrow CupM. Bullen4hrs 23mins 45secs
1980Beardsall CupS. Brooks1hrs 14mins 45secs
1980Cashmore CupS. Brooks239mls 623yds
1980Charles C. Thomson CupS. Brooks2hrs 0mins 6secs
1980E. T. ShieldJ. BrownCoventry Olympic
1980Married v Single ShieldS. Brooks, T Wright, B Kelly 2hr 50mins 41secs
1980Morrison ShieldP. Brett25.137mph
1980Ray Needle ShieldT. A. Wright54mins 26secs
1980Rimes CupS. Brooks59mins 17secs
1980Slater CupR. Hinchliffe1mins 20.0secs
1980Smith CupA. Gedney1hrs 3mins 39secs
1980T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )S. Brooks239.354mls
1980Taylor CupS. Brooks1hrs 1mins 10secs
1980The Championship CupS. Brooks23.720mph
1980The Mundy BowlR. Auckland
1980Thomas Kelly 1947 CupS. Brooks
1980Yarrow CupS. Brooks4hrs 12mins 32secs
1981Beardsall CupS. Brooks1hrs 7mins 41secs
1981Cashmore CupS. Brooks243mls 172yds
1981Charles C. Thomson CupS. Brooks1hrs 55mins 36secs
1981E. T. ShieldI. CooperAlpha R.C.
1981Married v Single ShieldS. Brooks, T Wright, M Phillips 2hr 50mins 41secs
1981Morrison ShieldD. French21.235mph
1981Ray Needle ShieldS. Clutterbuck52mins 6secs
1981Rimes CupS. Brooks54mins 49secs
1981Slater CupC. Baker1mins 56. 8secs
1981Smith CupP. Brett1hrs 4mins 24secs
1981T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )S. Brooks243.098mls
1981Taylor CupA. Gedney1hrs 6mins 12secs
1981The Championship CupS. Brooks24.452mph
1981The Mundy BowlR. Auckland
1981Thomas Kelly 1947 CupC. Baker
1981Yarrow CupS. Brooks4hrs 14mins 35secs
1982Beardsall CupS. Brooks1hrs 9mins 4secs
1982Cashmore CupS. Brooks237mls 748yds
1982Charles C. Thomson CupS. Brooks1hrs 55mins 24secs
1982E. T. ShieldD.GrievesRugby R.C.C.
1982Married v Single ShieldS. Brooks, R Auckland, R Hinchcliffe 2hr 50mins 41secs
1982Morrison ShieldA. Pepper24.818mph
1982Ray Needle ShieldN. Hitchens47mins 33secs
1982Rimes CupS. Brooks53mins 35secs
1982Slater CupI. McKie1mins 54.4secs
1982Smith CupP. Brett1hrs 0mins 39secs
1982T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )S. Brooks253.230mls
1982Taylor CupP. Pepper1hrs 1mins 19secs
1982The Championship CupS. Brooks25.263mph
1982The Mundy BowlP. Pepper
1982Thomas Kelly 1947 CupS. Brooks
1982Yarrow CupS. Brooks4hrs 4mins 48secs
1983Beardsall CupS. Brooks1hrs 7mins 13secs
1983Cashmore CupS. Brooks259mls 338yds
1983Charles C. Thomson CupS. Brooks1hrs 53mins 7secs
1983E. T. ShieldA.Johnson V.C. Grimsby
1983Married v Single ShieldS. Brooks, I Hiles, M Waller 2hr 50mins 41secs
1983Morrison ShieldP. Ingall25.555mph
1983Ray Needle ShieldD.Cook54mins 47secs
1983Rimes CupS. Brooks56mins 14secs
1983Slater CupP. Ingall1mins 58.0secs
1983Smith CupA. Gedney1hrs 1mins 36secs
1983T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )S. Brooks259.108mls
1983Taylor CupR. Hinchliffe1hrs 0mins 55secs
1983The Championship CupS. Brooks24.988mph
1983The Mundy BowlR. Lockett
1983Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. Lockett
1983Yarrow CupS. Brooks4hrs 7mins 19secs
1984Beardsall CupS. Brooks1hrs 6mins 57secs
1984Cashmore CupR. Lockett248mls 1537yds
1984Charles C. Thomson CupR. Lockett2hrs 4mins 0secs
1984E. T. ShieldS. Brooks
1984Married v Single ShieldR. Hinchliffe, I Hiles, R Lockett 2hr 50mins 41secs
1984Morrison ShieldP. Atkinson21.788mph
1984Ray Needle ShieldC. Corbishley48mins 56secs
1984Rimes CupR. Hinchliffe58mins 43secs
1984Slater CupA. Pepper1mins 54.6secs
1984Smith CupM. Pell1hrs 3mins 45secs
1984T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )R. Lockett 248.873mls
1984Taylor CupI. Hiles1hrs 1mins 59secs
1984Taylor ShieldR. Lockett+4.300mph
1984The Championship CupR. Lockett23.881mph
1984The Mundy BowlD. Swiffen
1984Thomas Kelly 1947 CupS. Brooks
1984Yarrow CupR. Lockett4hrs 12mins 4secs
1985Beardsall CupS. Brooks1hrs 6mins 56secs
1985Cashmore CupR. Lockett237mls 148yds
1985Charles C. Thomson CupC. Ashley1hrs 59mins 57secs
1985Married v Single ShieldS. Brooks, R Auckland, P Pepper 2hr 50mins 41secs
1985Morrison ShieldJ. Harrison23.337mph
1985Ray Needle ShieldR. Jesson5mins 12secs
1985Rimes CupS. Brooks55mins 22secs
1985Slater CupA. Pepper1mins 45.4secs
1985Smith CupA. Pepper1hrs 1mins 25secs
1985T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )G. Ashley240.125mls
1985Taylor CupA. Pepper1hrs 2mins 13secs
1985The Championship CupG. Ashley23.718mph
1985The Mundy BowlR. Lockett
1985Thomas Kelly 1947 CupG. Ashley
1985Yarrow CupS. Brooks4hrs 14mins 45secs
1986Beardsall CupS. Brooks1hrs 8mins 3secs
1986Cashmore CupS. Brooks250mls 784yds
1986Charles C. Thomson CupC. Ashley2hrs 2mins 29secs
1986Cole CupF. Harrison1hrs 4mins 45secs
1986E. T. ShieldJ.French Manchester Whs.
1986Married v Single ShieldA. Pepper, R Jesson, N Hitchens 2hr 50mins 41secs
1986Morrison ShieldJ. Harrison26.721mph
1986Rimes CupA. Pepper1hrs 0mins 30secs
1986Slater CupJ. Harrison1mins 39.1secs
1986Smith CupA. Pepper1hrs 0mins 30secs
1986T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )S. Brooks250.447mls
1986Taylor CupJ. Harrison59mins 14secs
1986Taylor ShieldR. Lockett+3.948mph
1986The Championship CupS. Brooks24.698mph
1986The Mundy BowlR. Lockett
1986Thomas Kelly 1947 CupF. Harrison
1986Yarrow CupS. Brooks4hrs 4mins 47secs
1987Beardsall CupJ. Harrison1hrs 8mins 26secs
1987Cashmore CupJ. McCormick235mls 1515yds
1987Charles C. Thomson CupJ. McCormick A Pepper2hrs 14mins 1secs
1987Cole CupF. Harrison1hrs 1mins 1secs
1987E. T. ShieldD. Staff Anglia Sport
1987Married v Single ShieldJ. Harrison, A Harrison, A Pepper 2hr 50mins 41secs
1987Morrison ShieldJ. Harrison27.732mph
1987Rimes CupJ. Harrison54mins 39secs
1987Slater CupJ. Harrison1mins 39.5secs
1987Smith CupJ. Harrison56mins 26secs
1987T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )J. McCormick235.861mls
1987Taylor CupA. Pepper1hrs 2mins 15secs
1987Taylor ShieldJ. McCormick+2.918mph
1987The Championship CupJ. McCormick23.092mph
1987The Mundy BowlK. Usher
1987Thomas Kelly 1947 CupJ. Harrison
1987Yarrow CupJ. McCormick4hrs 23mins 6secs
1988Beardsall CupJ. Harrison1hrs 6mins 40secs
1988Bob Jesson CupJ. Kelly
1988Charles C. Thomson CupT. J. Chapman1hrs 59mins 16secs
1988Cole CupF. Harrison59mins 18secs
1988E. T. ShieldR. Langley Solihull Sports
1988Married v Single ShieldI. Hiles, T Champman, F Harrison
1988Morrison ShieldA. Harrison26.472mph
1988Rimes CupT. J. Chapman56mins 25secs
1988Slater CupJ. Harrison1mins 47.4secs
1988Smith CupJ. Harrison1hrs 0mins 9secs
1988T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )T. J. Chapman265.630mls
1988Taylor CupI. Hiles1hrs 2mins 56secs
1988Taylor ShieldJ. McCormick+2.843mph
1988The Championship CupT. J. Chapman24.334mph
1988The Mundy BowlJ. McCormick22.856mph
1988Thomas Kelly 1947 CupT. J. Chapman
1989Beardsall CupJ. Harrison1hrs 7mins 14secs
1989Bob Jesson CupA. King
1989Charles C. Thomson CupK. Roesner2hrs 8mins 21secs
1989Cole CupF. Harrison1hrs 0mins 37secs
1989Married v Single ShieldF. Harrison, K Roesner, P Phin-Smith
1989Morrison ShieldA. Harrison26.230mph
1989Ray Needle ShieldP. Phin-Smith49mins 56secs
1989Rimes CupA. King1hrs 1mins 14secs
1989Slater CupJ. Harrison1mins 39.4secs
1989T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )K. Roesner236.740mls
1989Taylor CupG. Lee58mins 31secs
1989The Championship CupK. Roesner22.232mph
1989Thomas Kelly 1947 CupJ. Harrison
1990Beardsall CupJ. Harrison1hrs 7mins 29secs
1990Bob Jesson CupM. Miller
1990Charles C. Thomson CupJ. McCormick2hrs 10mins 40secs
1990Cole CupF. Harrison50mls. 2hrs 6mins 21secs
1990Married v Single ShieldA. Harrison, A King, M Miller
1990Nick Howard CupA. Harrison
1990Ray Needle ShieldM. Church55mins 32secs
1990Rimes CupJ. Harrison59mins 43secs
1990Slater CupJ. Harrison1mins 41.2secs
1990T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )M. Gallagher209.360mls
1990Taylor CupG. Lee57mins 30secs
1990Taylor ShieldM. Gallagher-0.132mph
1990The Championship CupM. Gallagher19.898mph
1990Thomas Kelly 1947 CupG. Lee
1990Yarrow CupJ. McCormick4hrs 52mins 15secs
1991Beardsall CupJ. Harrison1hrs 6mins 42secs
1991Bob Jesson CupB. Harwood
1991Cashmore CupT. J. Chapman259mls 119yds
1991Charles C. Thomson CupT. J. Chapman1hrs 58mins 33secs
1991Cole CupF. Harrison23.134mph
1991Married v Single ShieldA. Harrison, M Miller, A Edwards
1991Morrison ShieldB. Harwood23.573mph
1991Nick Howard CupA. Harrison
1991Ray Needle ShieldA. Edwards53mins 25secs
1991Rimes CupJ. Harrison59mins 46secs
1991Slater CupJ. Harrison1mins 39.8secs
1991Smith CupB. Harwood1hrs 10mins 49secs
1991T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )T. J. Chapman259.068mls
1991Taylor CupT. J. Chapman57mins 57secs
1991The Championship CupT. J. Chapman24.812mph
1991Thomas Kelly 1947 CupB. Harwood
1991Yarrow CupT. J. Chapman3hrs 57mins 16secs
1992Beardsall CupJ. McCormick1hrs 8mins 52secs
1992Bob Jesson CupB. Harwood
1992Charles C. Thomson CupJ. McCormick1hrs 59mins 42secs
1992Married v Single ShieldJ. McCormick, A Edwards, M Miller
1992Morrison ShieldB. Harwood 25.983mph
1992Nick Howard CupR. Auckland
1992Nick Howard ScrollI. Wild
1992Ray Needle ShieldD. Yarham55mins 56secs
1992Rimes CupJ. McCormick1hrs 0mins 20secs
1992Slater CupS. Briance1mins 48.0secs
1992Smith CupB. Harwood1hrs 3mins 32secs
1992T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )M. Church 239.540mls
1992Taylor CupB. Harwood1hrs 1mins 19secs
1992Taylor ShieldJ. McCormick+3.991mph
1992The Championship CupJ. McCormick23.347mph
1992The Mundy BowlM. Church22.64mph
1992Thomas Kelly 1947 CupB. HarwoodSchoolboy G.H.S 10m National Champion
1992Yarrow CupJ. McCormick4hrs 34mins 25secs
1993Beardsall CupB. Harwood1hrs 5mins 57secs
1993Bob Jesson CupT. Burke
1993Charles C. Thomson CupM. Church2hrs 5mins 47secs
1993Cole CupF. Harrison22.621mph
1993Married v Single ShieldM. Miller, I Wild, G McAndrews
1993Morrison ShieldB. Harwood28.538mph
1993Nick Howard CupI. Wild
1993Nick Howard ScrollI. Wild
1993Ray Needle ShieldG. McAndrews53mins 56secs
1993Rimes CupM. Church1hrs 2mins 39secs
1993Slater CupB. Harwood1mins 46.0secs
1993Smith CupB. Harwood58mins 57secs
1993T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )M. Church254.617mls
1993Taylor ShieldM. Church+4.400mph
1993The Championship CupM. Church24.408mph
1993The Mundy BowlG. McAndrews22.812mph
1993Thomas Kelly 1947 CupM. Church
1993Yarrow CupM. Church4hrs 9mins 47secs
1994Beardsall CupB. Harwood1hrs 6mins 26secs
1994Bob Jesson CupP. Redhead
1994Charles C. Thomson CupP. Asplin1hrs 59mins 42secs
1994Cole CupF. Harrison22.970mph
1994Married v Single ShieldB. Harwood, M Miller, S Briance
1994Morrison ShieldB. Harwood28.924mph
1994Nick Howard CupR. Auckland
1994Ray Needle ShieldM. Miller53mins 43secs
1994Rimes CupB. Harwood55mins 9secs
1994Slater CupB. Harwood1mins 46.9secs
1994Smith CupB. Harwood57mins 56secs
1994T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )M. Church257.770mls
1994Taylor ShieldM. Church+4.734mph
1994The Championship CupM. Church24.608mph
1994Thomas Kelly 1947 CupB. HarwoodRTTC National Junior 25m Champion
1994Yarrow CupM. Church4hrs 32mins 4secs
1995Beardsall CupM. Miller1hrs 8mins 4secs
1995Bob Jesson CupJ. Warrener
1995Charles C. Thomson CupM. Miller1hrs 57mins 27secs
1995Cole CupT. Simons20.645mph
1995Married v Single ShieldC. Harwood, M Miller, M Church
1995Morrison ShieldR. Cleathero23.196mph
1995Nick Howard CupR. Auckland
1995Ray Needle ShieldP. Asplin50mins 11secs
1995Rimes CupM. Miller59mins 52secs
1995Slater CupP. Todd1mins 58.0secs
1995Smith CupR. Cleathero1hrs 5mins 56secs
1995T.T. Cup ( E C Thompson )M. Church225.708mls
1995Taylor CupM. Miller27.356mph
1995Taylor ShieldM. Church+4.416mph
1995The Championship CupM. Church24.143mph
1995The Mundy BowlG. McAndrews23.101mph
1995Thomas Kelly 1947 CupM. Miller
1995Yarrow CupM. Church4hrs 18mins 30secs
1996Beardsall CupP. Todd1hrs 12mins 28secs
1996Bob Jesson CupR. Cleathero
1996Cole CupT. McAndrews21.339mph
1996Married v Single ShieldP. Asplin, G McAndrews, R Cleathero
1996Nick Howard CupP. Todd
1996Ray Needle ShieldK. Billson55mins 37secs
1996Rimes CupP. Asplin59mins 50secs
1996Slater CupP. Todd1mins 58.0secs
1996Taylor CupP. Asplin27.550mph
1996Thomas Kelly 1947 CupP. Griffin
1996Yarrow CupT. McAndrews5hrs 10mins 14secs
1997Beardsall CupP. Asplin1hrs 7mins 25secs
1997Bob Jesson CupR. Butler
1997Married v Single ShieldT. Todd, G McAndrew, C Harwood
1997Nick Howard CupP. Todd
1997Nick Howard ScrollI. Wild
1997Ray Needle ShieldJ. McCarthy54mins 12secs
1997Rimes CupP. Todd1hrs 1mins 10secs
1997Taylor CupP. Asplin26.550mph
1997Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. Auckland
1997Yarrow CupG. McAndrews4hrs 18mins 4secs
1998Beardsall CupA. Etchell1hrs 16mins 37secs
1998Charles C. Thomson CupP. Asplin1hrs 52mins 35secs
1998Nick Howard CupP. Todd
1998Nick Howard ScrollP. Todd
1998Ray Needle ShieldJ. Harrison1hrs 0mins 16secs
1998Rimes CupJ. Harrison55mins 57secs
1998Slater CupJ. Harrison1mins 46.6secs
1998Taylor CupP. Asplin27.130mph
1998The Championship CupJ. Harrison
1998Thomas Kelly 1947 CupN. Smith
1999Beardsall CupI. Hiles
1999Bob Jesson CupJ. Hall
1999Cashmore CupM. Lay
1999Charles C. Thomson CupM. Lay
1999E. T. ShieldN. Smith
1999Married v Single ShieldC. Harwood, D Yarham, I Hiles
1999Nick Howard CupR. Auckland
1999Ray Needle ShieldR. Auckland
1999Rimes CupM. Lay59mins 33secs
1999Slater CupJ. Harrison1mins 44.4secs
1999Taylor CupM. Lay
1999Taylor ShieldD. Yarham
1999The Championship CupD. Yarham
1999The Mundy BowlI. Hiles
1999Thomas Kelly 1947 CupR. Corrigan