Club Championship Rules: How calculated

Club Championship Rules: How calculated2020-05-31T14:18:23+01:00

This is a summary of the main Club Championships and how they are calculated.

1 Overall Club Championship 

The Club Championship will be contested with these Club Events:- Hardriders, Smith Cup, 2UP Team Trial, Scratch 10mls, Beardsall Cup, Scratch 20mls, Rimes Cup, any Club Hill Climb

1.1 Scratch

Best 6 scratch points for the season with 1 Hill Climb required, with: 1st = 25pts, 2nd = 24pts, 3rd = 23pts, 4th = 22pts, 5th 21pts, 6th = 20pts, 7th = 19pts etc, etc

1.2 Vets STD

Your Vets Time: As Above in the Summer League
Best 6 vets points for the season, No Hill Climb required 1st = 25pts, 2nd = 24pts, 3rd = 23pts, 4th = 22pts, 5th 21pts, 6th = 20pts, 7th = 19pts etc, etc

2 Summer 10mTT League Competition Rules

Helpston ‘10’ League Rules:

  • The Helpston ‘10’ League is run from April to August on the club Thursday evening 10-mile time trials around the Helpston course. There are two leagues, one based on actual times, the other on handicapped times.
  • All riders will be handicapped against a course standard time as follows:

A rider’s initial time is taken as their best from the previous season, or, if no time is available, their first ride in the current season. This means that for a rider’s very first ride they get no handicap.

20 minutes is deducted from this initial time giving an initial handicap.

A further 1 second is then deducted from the initial handicap for each 15 seconds of initial handicap.

For example, for an initial time of 25:15, the handicap is calculated as:

25:15 – 20:00 – 0:21[5:15 / 15 seconds = 21 seconds] = 4:54

  • A rider’s handicap will be reduced each time they improve their best time for the course, ready to be applied at the next counting event.
  • Points will be awarded in both actual time and handicapped time categories as follows:

1st = 25

2nd = 24

3rd = 23

And so on. Should more than 25 riders take part in a counting event all riders from 25th place onwards will receive 1 point.

  • A rider’s best 8 placings in each category will count to the overall championships awarded at the end of the season.
  • The winner on handicap will receive the Bob Jesson Cup.
  • The winner on actual will receive the ??? Cup.
  • Tables will be published on the club web site with all riders’ points to date throughout the season.

3 Ranking Competition Rules:

  1. Points will be awarded for all events that you take part in, and will be added up at the end the each month
  2. A table will be published on the website around 6th day of the following month with all riders points to date.
  3. The points will be added up each month until December. The Rider with the most points at the end of the year (December) will be awarded the RANKING Shield
  4. It will be up to each member to advise the Club of the event he has rode, for the points to be awarded for that event.
  5. This information will have to be in, at the latest the 3th day of the next month or it will NOT be counted

You need to email this information to: Dave Yarham. What you need to tell me: Name of the Event, Distance, Time (and if riding abroad – Country).

  • Summer League 10mls = 60pts
  • Open Road Race = 100pts ( over 50mls = 140pts )
  • Open Time Trial = 100pts ( 25mls and over = 140pts )
  • ANY Club Race Promotion held in Weekdays = 60pts
  • Club Championship Event = 100pts
  • Hereward Series Inter Club Event = 100pts
  • Track Meeting = 100pts ( 2 events or more = 140pts )
  • Club 2 up Team Trial = 100pts ( to each rider )
  • Mountain Bike Event = 100pts
  • Cyclo Cross Event = 100pts
  • Winter 10mls Series = 60pts
  • Reliability Trials = 40pts ( over 80mls = 75pts )
  • Audax ( UK ) = 50pts ( over 80mls = 80pts )
  • Sportives ( UK ) = 50pts ( over 80mls = 80pts )
  • Audax ( Abroad ) = 150pts
  • Sportive ( Abroad ) = 150pts
  • Coast to Coast = 200pts
  • End to End ( Lejog ) = 450pts

Any member who rode in any Club organized Event, the points will be counted automatically to the Table

4 Most Improved Rider Competition Rules

This competition will use the Summer League evening rides ONLY.
Your Set Time is Taken from your fastest ride from previous season, OR your 1st ride in the Summer League, will give you a Set Time and will also be given Tariff
Idea for this competition to give all riders of all albilies the chance of winning.
Your goal is to set your fastest time, that will give you the higher Tariff for any calculation.

TARIFF VALUE TABLE – using your Set Time
21:30secs = 50pts. 22:00secs = 40pts, 22:30secs = 37pts, 23:00secs = 30pts, 23:30secs = 24pts,
24:00secs = 16pts, 24:30secs = 15.20pts, 25:00secs = 14pts, 24:30pts, 25:30secs = 13.10pts
26:00secs = 12pts, 26:30secs = 10.90pts, 27:00secs = 10.00pts, 27:30secs = 9.70pts, 28:00secs = 9:00pts
28:30secs = 7.90pts, 29:00secs = 7.0pts, 29:30secs = 6.70pts, 30:00secs = 5.0pts
30:30secs and over = 3.70pts

Every time you record a faster time than your Set Time it will start a set of calculation of (Tariff points x Improvement in seconds) – this will be your competition points.

Examples of Points Calculation:
Rider A with Set Time of 23:05secs = tariff of 30 and their Best recorded time in the season to a 22:46secs = 19pts Improvement (30 x 19secs = 570pts)
Rider B with Set Time of 27:58secs = Tariff of 9.70 and their Best recorded time in the season to a 27:07secs = 51pts Improvement (9.70 x 51secs = 495pts)

5 Road Bike TT League

Thursday nights using the Summer League 1o mile events + the Scratch 10mls, Beardsall Cup, Smith Cup and  Rimes Cup events.
Points awarded for your best 6 events over the course of the season to count for the league, using 5x 10 mile + your best finish from either the Smith Cup (17mls) or the Beardsall Cup (23mls) or  the Rimes Cup events (23mls)

1st = 25pts, 2nd = 24pts, 3rd = 23pts, 4th = 22pts, 5th 21pts, 6th = 20pts, 7th = 19pts etc, etc

The Road Bike TT League is not restricted to just club members but is open to all comers*

6 Simple Rules:
1. No aerobars, clip-on aerobars or aero extensions can be used
2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times while racing (i.e. not with forearms resting on the handlebar).
3. Legs must only be covered to mid calf.
4. Wheels may have no more than 90mm depth and must have at least 12 spokes.
5. Helmets must have no visor.
6. Ears must not be covered by the helmet.