Each year we generally use the same courses for our Club Time trials and Club Competitions.  Of course these are subject to roadworks etc. but here is a list of the main courses and competitions with links to their maps.

Evening 10m Time Trial Course

PCC 10m TT course on Strava (This is one lap): Peterborough Cycling Club 10M TT on Strava

Note, we meet where the finish is marked on this course and ride to the start.

Smith, Rimes & Beardsall Cups

The Smith Cup is three laps of what we call “The Road race circuit”. It is approx 5.5m
The Rimes cup and the Beardsall cup are both 4 laps of this same course.

Strava single lap segment: Peterborough Cycling Club “Road Race Circuit” 5.5m Lap

We meet where the finish is on the 10mTT course, see above, and ride to the start.

Reliability Ride

Usually takes place in February.  Decide which distance and what time speed band you will complete it in. Then ride to complete it in that time.

Two routes:  47miles and 74 miles