Peterborough Cycling Club is the oldest continuously active cycling club in the country, established in 1874.  Although other clubs claim to have been founded at an earlier date, to the best of our knowledge, Peterborough Cycling Club is the only one that has not ceased to exist and then been reformed at some point.

In 1974, the club celebrated its Centenary and published a short history of the club.   Below are some extracts from that the Peterborough Cycling Club Centenary booklet.

Peterborough Cycling Club: Front cover of centenary publication.

A view of club members, from the begining of the century, to 1974.

Pictures of club members

Peterborough Cycling Club members: At beginning of the century and in 1974

We must emphasis, our kit is a lot more modern and up to date, today! (and far fewer moustaches, even on cold days!)

The following two images from the Peterborough Cycling Club Centenary booklet, describe the early history of Peterborough Cycling Club.

Peterborough Cycling club still thrives today.