2016 AGM

Sadly, only 25 Club members attended last evening’s AGM – at least that was sufficient for a quorum (just). In time I will put draft minutes on the web site forum, and all Officers 2016 reports will also be added. Meanwhile, a summary of the salient points follows:

Subscriptions – On the Committee’s recommendation the meeting agreed there should be no change to subs for 2017.

New membership category – A new membership category for “country” members was agreed, initially at £10 per annum. (We have at least 3 members living at some distance from Peterborough). This will be added to the Club’s Constitution, along with Family Membership, agreed last year.

Recently the form to apply for Club membership had an addition requiring them to help at least once a year at an Open event. Event organisers have perpetual problems getting sufficient helpers. The Committee did not have the power to impose this on existing members, but the AGM did, and the new duty was agreed. (There was no suggestion of sanctions for non-compliance, but please respect the spirit of this rule. A list of events will be posted on the website early in the New Year giving members an early opportunity to put their names down).

A calendar of events for 2017 was available and should be added to the web site soon – a similar calendar to 2016. The Trophy Presentation evening would be on Friday 17th February at The Fleet; Harry Lodge would do presentation duties. (You may care to Google Harry to discover his impressive cycling career).

The dearth of riders for the 0900 Sunday Social Ride was discussed. It was important to keep this going to provide a first point of contact for the Club for potential new members, and attendance by more existing members would be welcomed.

All Committee members stood down, and nominations from the floor for fresh blood were requested. Predictably there were few, and the only changes to the present personnel were:

  • Quartermaster post vacant.
  • Ian Wild to become Trophy Secretary.
  • Anna Dermitzakis was deemed to have left the Committee. The remaining 4 members were re-elected and joined by the 5th, James Gelsthorpe.

In AOB all thought we needed to improve/increase the Club’s social events. Simon Hodson thought we should be looking at a Club trip to France and would take the idea forward. Paul Pardoe suggested a family BBQ after an Open event and favourite was the NCRA day on Sunday 21st May; Paul would take this forward. Ian Wild thought a few more “special” Sunday runs could be organised, such as this year’s ride of the Cambridge route.

Paul Pardoe suggested a Club Instagram facility, which he would look into, including some education for older members. He also thought there might be less costly bike insurance for the Club. Mark Greenway will look at this with Paul’s help.