This contains all the reports of the committee from the 2016 AGM

Chairman’s report AGM 21st November 2016

I’ll start by thanking you all for turning up tonight. It is your opportunity to listen to what we – as the committee – have to say, and to also give you the chance to speak yourselves. I am not going into detail about specific Club events, promotions, or activities – I’ll let the respective Club officials cover that off – but I’ll talk about things in general.

Firstly however, I want you to recognise and appreciate the generosity and commitment of the Club sponsors – Stuart Fox of Alston Country Homes, our Alex Craig of Qualitetch, Rutland Cycling, and the other ‘extra-sportif’ sponsors. Without their continuing support and enthusiasm for the Club, we would not be where we are today.

I would also ask you to recognise all the effort and time my committee colleagues have put in during the year. They do it because they want to – but do not just take it for granted that the status quo will prevail.

When you turn up, ride an event, and go home, just have a think about how you can do that – what’s happening in the background? Who is ensuring that you can do that without any concerns?
We would commend those that have stepped forward to either be committee members, or to help in other ways.

Being part of a Club such as ours is more about what YOU can do for the Club, rather than what the Club can do for you. You may be aware that new members of the Club are required to agree to assist in at least one event / promotion during the year.  It’s not much to ask is it?  Are you all prepared to offer at least that?  If not, it may beg the question: “Why are you in the Club?”  Helpers are always required at Club events, be they the Thursday evening 10’s, the Open TT’s, or the Road Races. We do not want another year of frustration and grief when trying to assemble a body of helpers.

Today’s committee – who will all officially stand down tonight – has many ‘old guys’, who may be contemplating having a reduced workload, or even standing down at some point.
I might be one of them.  Yes, I know you have heard it all before – but it’s an important issue.  I would like to think that many of you here tonight will put their name down as a ‘name’ to be called upon.

That’s me done – I’ll let the others have their say now.

PCC AGM 2016 – Secretary/Treasurers Report

From the Secretary viewpoint, a busy year. As well as the basic duties, I have represented the Club at The Peterborough West Cycle Project and the Peterborough Cycling Forum. I attended the BC Eastern Region AGM as a result of which I have just attended the BC National Council meeting in Crewe – an interesting event. I have also run the Club’s website, though I think this should be a separate duty; Andy Reedman, our technical professional and site designer makes this job just about tenable for someone of my limited computer capabilities.

From the Treasurer viewpoint, a satisfactory year, with the Club maintaining a healthy amount in its current account – a charge free internet account with Lloyds TSB which makes this job easy.
I’ve informed you all that I’ll do these jobs for just one more year, if needed.

Time Trial Secretary’s Report – 2016

This year the club has been the most successful ever during my time as time trial secretary. There were at least 10 open event wins, club records set at several distances, series wins in 3 categories of the N&DCA season-long series, and number of other notable open event performances. We ran the usual summer series of 10-mile and club championship events (this year without disruption from road works or weather). We also promoted an open 10-mile event, and a 15-mile open event in the N&DCA season-long series and made a major contribution to the promotion of the Women and Juniors National 25-mile Championship (held at Sawtry). There were several new members taking part in the evening ‘10’ series, and once again the overall level of performance was considerably improved. We were able to run our usual round of the Hereward series this year, and it was the best supported event of the series. There was increased interest among members in this competition this year. In particular, Marina Doroshenko was the fastest lady in each event.

The season began with the usual Hardriders’ event in February. This was once again very well attended, with 13 riders, including several guests taking part. We ran the usual series of Club Championship events throughout the normal spring and summer season. They were very well-supported. I would like to thank John Savill and John McCarthy for running the events on Thursdays throughout the season. In particular, John McCarthy did an excellent job with signage, and John Savill did the bulk of the timekeeping, and keeping check on the racing finances. Consequently, I can confirm that through the additional racing subscriptions and the £3 entry-on-the-line fee (for those members who haven’t paid the additional subscription, or guest riders) the CTT racing levy on club events was more than covered. I would also like to thank Joe Ippolito and Tim Cockerell for marshalling. The only disappointing aspect of the season, for me at least, was that only six riders turned out for the hill climbs. I feel I must reiterate my belief that there is no appetite for hill climbs within the club, and we should consider whether we continue with them.

This season saw the most activity, and success, in open time trial events for many years. There were wins for James Gelsthorpe, Christophe Demoulin, Matt Senter, Malcolm Smith and Claire Steels. Further, club records were set at 10 miles and 15 miles by Matt Senter, 25 miles by Christophe Demoulin, 30 miles (veterans’ record) by Graham Wright, and 50 miles by Jason Burrill. I aologise if I have omitted any members from these two lists! Several riders also returned very creditable performances in the CTT National Closed Circuit, Circuit, 10-mile, and 25-mile Championships.

The club promoted two open time trial events during the summer on the courses on the old A1 at Sawtry. Dafydd Houston took on the club open ‘10’, run in May, and must be congratulated on another successful and well-run event. This year we had winners of both the men’s (James Gelsthorpe) and ladies’ (Claire Steels) events. I ran a ‘15’ in June on behalf of the N&DCA. We will be promoting the corresponding events again in 2017 – with the same organisers. I urge all members of the club to contribute to promotion of such events – they are always well appreciated by the competitors from outside PCC. Without these events the club will have no profile within the sport.

I continue to undertake jointly the role of Open Events TT Secretary for the SE Midlands District.

I would like to thank all members who have supported time trialling within the club over the past year, in whatever capacity, and wish you all a successful winter and season next year. Finally, if anyone would like a CTT Handbook for 2017, please let me know as soon as possible. I will need to place our order in December.

Dave Yarham

Road Race Report 2016.

2016 saw a few changes with the team with extra equipment backers coming in with Rutland Cycling, Etixx and RXsport but the loss of a few riders, Steve Wood moving to France, Andy Cartledge taking some time out, Matt Garfield only intending to ride a few races and James Gelsthorpe concentrating on time trials.

On top of that a training crash put paid to Jason Burrill’s season in May. Fortunately our new rider Malcolm Smith had a pretty good season winning two road races and also taking the LVRC National time trial title for the second year running. In the second half of the season Matt Garfield ended up riding a few more road races and was rarely out of the top ten and took himself back up to second cat ready for a good 2017 season.

For 2017 we are hopeful of retaining all the sponsors from this year, Alston Country Homes and Qualitetch and Halo who we are very grateful for backing us since the start of the team set up 3 years ago. Rutland Cycling will also be with us again in 2017 and we have spaces for one or two more riders if there are any other club members who can step up to ride Regional A and National B level races as a team rider then they can contact me for more info.

Road racing for other club members has also been successful, with two new riders showing very well, Marina Doroshenko gave the club what I believe is the first ever women’s road race win, Paul Pardoe rode his first ever bunch races and won two at Rockingham Raceway and Paul Johnson took a number of top ten placings to go from 4th cat to 2nd cat in one season. There were 13 riders competing in road races in PCC colours this year.

In total there were 5 road race wins, 14 podiums and a total of 48 top ten placings for PCC riders in 2016 on the road.
The club promoted another great day of road racing in July all excellently organised by Tim Cockerell and I am sure he is going to continue for a number of years! Also we promoted in conjunction with the NCRA a one day stage race in June. For 2017 we will be promoting the one day stage race on our own as a PCC promotion but included within the NCRA summer series, so we will need plenty of helpers for these events.

Ian Wild, Road Race Secretary and Team Organiser.

Press Secretary’s report for the 2016 racing season:

6th November 2016

This is my third annual press report for the AGM and could be my last as in common with all committee members I have to resign at the AGM.

This year has been another memorable one for British Cycling and is reflected in the successes that our club, the oldest active cycling club in the World, have attained this past racing season. The club produced both the short distance Individual Champion and the winning team in the Northants & DCA season long competition with Christophe Demoulin. Paul Pardoe, James Gelsthorpe, Kevin Hobbs, Nicholas Hitchens, Graham Wright and Adrian McHale all making appearances. Newcomer Matt Senter from Kings Lynn and former Masters World Champion Malcolm Smith also proved to be valuable assets to our club with some scintillating race winning performances over the year. Not to be outdone the ladies put in some sterling efforts with Claire Steels being very prominent, Lynn Smitheringale, Lydia Horrex, Sally Middlemiss contributing with some gutsy rides and Martina Dorosenko winning on the road racing circuit. Club records also tumbled at 10, 15, 25 & 50 miles so congratulations to all record holders.

The men’s road racing team managed by Ian Wild produced some good results with Paul Pardoe, Paul Johnson, Malcolm Smith, Matt Garfield Mark Hill, Gareth Smith & Nick Berwick all gaining podium places. Hopefully the team will be strengthened in 2017.

Publicity wise, reports appeared regularly in the Peterborough ET and the Stamford Mercury and I had several spots on Radio Cambridgeshire especially when talking about the bane of my life-Cycle paths! The SM reports were regular but the ET disappoints me and more so as I actually spent a very good year for them back ’70 before moving back to London for a 7 year period. The problem with that paper is they show absolutely no respect for this club by continually placing our report behind the Fenland Clarion report and forever putting in photos of Clarion members even if we had won the event being reported on. The club website is now up and running but not being used enough (and I am as guilty as the next) and of course FB has a club page which is well subscribed. As the Secretary points out though the club website retains its information FB does not. My biggest grouse though is left for last-I am not a mind reader and have not got the time to trawl through endless internet results when all it takes is a sample-name, event, time, location and result! Simples really.

I personally would like to thank Alston Country Homes, Qualitetch and Rutland Cycling for their generous support over the year especially Alston Country Homes contribution to the road races.

Dave Stanbridge
Retiring press Secretary

Member Report for AGM

Members – 107,
6 family members
5 Honorary – Rod Auckland, Geoff Baxter, Ioannis Dermitzakis, David Middlemiss & Sally Middlemiss
8 Free members – John Broughton, Matt Clarkson, Zulfikar Dhanji, Brett Harwood – 2nd claim, Roger Howland, Steve Lampier – 2nd claim, Ray Needle & Terry Wright
88 Regular members

Stock now £1227, (which includes Order from Claire Steels which trying hard for her to collect)

Archivist Report for Annual General Meeting 21st November, 2016

There have been several Contacts from the Public relating to family and Club enquiries

One was relating to George Neale who joined the Club in 1882 and was last recorded in 1926

I am continuing to investigate the history of the Club, for example 1950’s at present

I am happy to give any talk to the Club members, reference the History of the Club

I am prepared to continue as the Club Archivist

Club Captain’s report for Peterborough Cycling Club’s AGM 21st November 2016

I have to report no change in the numbers attending the Club run that leaves Cathedral Square at 09:30 every Sunday. Quite often, in the last twelve months, it has been only me and Tim Cockerell. Occasionally, there have been a few newcomers to boost the numbers. Any suggestions as to ways of increasing numbers are welcome.
Chris Monk, Club Captain
16th November 2016