Paul Pardoe set a new veteran men’s 25 mile club record with 49:29 in the ECCA 25 mile Championship on the F2A/25 course near Cambridge on Saturday, on what was a very wet day.  Paul was 3rd overall.

Kevin Hobbs (with 51:29) and Jamie Murray (with 51:47) also beat the previous record in the same event.  In fact Peterborough CC had 7 riders in the event, all bar one of whom beat the hour.  The one returned 1:00:08!

On the same day, but in the VTTA (Notts & E Mids) event on the A25/34 course near Newark, Malcolm Smith also beat the previous record with 51:13.

I doubt if PCC have ever had 7 riders beat the hour at 25 miles on the same day before.  Well done one and all.