Most Improved Rider Competition Rules

This competition will use the Summer League evening rides ONLY.
Your Set Time is Taken from your fastest ride from previous season, OR your 1st ride in the Summer League, will give you a Set Time and will also be given Tariff
Idea for this competition to give all riders of all abilities the chance of winning.
Your goal is to set your fastest time, that will give you the higher Tariff for any calculation.

(Table to be added here…. once competition season commences)

Mark Tomlinson25:561224:21951140
Ian Wright28:28725:551531071
Harry Garfield24:171823:3740720
Dariusz Janiak26:571025:4968680
Matt Garfield23:132122:5815315
Lisa-Jane Lait27:47827:1532256
Gary Chaundy28:07727:4819133
Julian Fryer29:07529:04315

TARIFF VALUE TABLE – using your Set Time

21:40=25, 22:00=24, 22:20=23, 22:40=22, 23:00=21, 23:20=20, 23:40=19, 24:00=18, 24:30=16, 25:00=14,
25:30=12, 26:00=11, 26:30=10, 27:00=9, 27:30=8, 28:00=7, 28:30=6, 29:00=5, 30:00=4, 32:00=3, 35:00=2, 40:00=1

Every time you record a faster time than your Set Time it will start a set of calculation of (Tariff points x Improvement in seconds) – this will be your competition points.

Examples of Points Calculation:
Rider A with Set Time of 23:05secs = tariff of 21 and their Best recorded time in the season of 22:46secs = 19secs Improvement (21 x 19secs = 399pts)
Rider B with Set Time of 27:58secs = Tariff of 8 and their Best recorded time in the season to a 27:07secs = 51secs Improvement (8 x 51secs = 408pts)