This contains all the reports of the committee from the 2017 AGM

Chairman’s introductory statement AGM Nov 2017

I’ll start by thanking you all for turning up tonight. It is your opportunity to listen to what we – as the committee – have to say, and to also give you the chance to speak yourselves.
I am not going into detail about specific Club events, promotions, or activities – I’ll let the respective Club officials cover that off, and you can read the full versions up on the display boards.
I’ll talk about things in general.

Firstly, I want to mention the Club prizegiving evening scheduled for February next year. I am sure you all know by now that ‘top man’ Michael Hutchinson is going to be our guest of honour.
I, as the event organiser, and the committee would care to have some level of assurance that as many Club members as possible will want to attend.  It is a fantastic opportunity to meet one of the real ‘aces’ in the TT world – and I am hoping we can organise some signing of his books on the night. That is why there is a special ‘tick’ column on the attendance sheet that is doing the rounds. I would ask that you take this opportunity to indicate that you would wish to attend.

I may be a traditionalist, but as members of the Club, if you do nothing else, please make an effort to attend and enjoy the evening, and help to make it a success.
Anyway, here we are again – another year has gone by and it still seems to be the same faces at this table.

This is NOT going to go on indefinitely…some of us are removing ourselves from their current post, and others will be absent for lengthy periods and so doing less during 2018.

From a personal perspective, 2018 will be my last year undertaking course signage and timekeeping/ signing on/pushing off etc duties.
So let me make this absolutely clear – unless other Club members put themselves forward to help out in a significant way, then in the future both Club and open events will be seriously compromised.  ALL Club members are expected to help out in some fashion during the racing year – it’s not much to ask, is it?  Do not expect the status quo to continue, because I can tell you now – it’s not going to.

Moving on – I want you to recognise and appreciate the generosity and commitment of the Club sponsors – Stuart Fox of Alston Country Homes, our Alex Craig of Qualitetch, Rutland Cycling, and the other ‘extra-sportif’ sponsors. Without their continuing support and enthusiasm for the Club, we would not be where we are today.

I would also ask you to recognise all the effort and time my committee colleagues have put in during the year. They do it because they want to – but do not just take it for granted.
We would commend those that have stepped forward to either be committee members, or to help in other ways.

Being part of a Club such as ours is more about what YOU can do for the Club, rather than what the Club can do for you.

John McCarthy Club Chairman

PCC AGM 2017 – Secretary/Treasurers Report

As well as the basic Secretary duties, I have represented the Club at The Peterborough West Cycle Project and the Peterborough Cycling Forum. I have also run the Club’s website, though I think this should be a separate duty; Andy Reedman, our technical professional and site designer makes this job just about tenable for someone of my limited computer capabilities.

From the Treasurer viewpoint, a satisfactory year, with the Club maintaining a healthy amount in its current account – a charge free internet account with Lloyds TSB which makes this job easy. A copy of today’s account balance is available on these boards.

I will not be standing for the offices for 2018, but will help my successor as much as I am able.


Time Trial Secretary’s Report – 2017

Whilst not as good as the 2016, this year has been a very successful season in time trialling for the club. There were several open event wins, 3 club records set, series wins in 2 categories of the N&DCA season-long series, and a number of other notable open event performances. We ran the usual summer series of 10-mile and club championship events. We also promoted an open 10-mile event, and a 15-mile open event in the N&DCA season-long series. Once more there were several new members taking part in the evening ‘10’ series, and the overall level of performance continues to improve. We ran our usual round of the Hereward series this year.

The season began with the usual Hardriders’ event in February. This was poorly supported, with only 2 first-claim riders taking part, and only 4 in all. We ran the usual series of Club Championship events throughout the normal spring and summer season (with the exception of the 2-up). By and large they were well-supported, indeed the Beardsall Cup had the most entrants I can remember. I would like to thank John McCarthy for running the events on Thursdays throughout the season. As usual he also did an excellent job with signage. I would also like to thank Joe Ippolito and Tim Cockerell for marshalling, and Paul Breeze for his help with signage during my and John’s absence in August. Running the regular Thursday events, particularly with the task of setting out and collecting signs, is becoming an onerous task. Especially since I am now retired and hence spend longer periods in the summer away from home, most of the work has fallen on the shoulders of one man – namely John McCarthy. We desperately need more volunteers for duties of signs and timekeeping, so that at least we could set up a rota for the responsibilities. The scheduling of the 2-up Championship was an error on my part. It was originally scheduled for a Saturday afternoon that clashed with an N&DCA open event. Hence I had to postpone it. It was rescheduled for the last Thursday event in August, but only one pair from the club rode! The 2-up championship for next season will take place on the Thursday evening normally used for the Scratch ‘10’, with the Scratch ‘10’ championship being awarded according to performances in the Club Open TT in May. The only disappointing aspect of the season, for me at least, was that the number of riders taking part in the Thursday evening events was significantly reduced in the second half of the season. Only four riders turned out for the hill climbs, well organised, with the Clarion, by Kevin Hobbs. I feel I must reiterate my belief that there is no appetite for hill climbs within the club, and we should consider whether we continue with them.

The Hereward round run in May was the poorest supported event in my time as TT secretary (though there were 11 riders from PCC!). To date no final result has been published for the series, and I question whether there is any longer any appetite for it among the 4 local clubs.

This season again saw a lot of activity, and success, in open time trial events. There were wins for James Gelsthorpe and Paul Pardoe. Paul won the Overall and Short-Distance categories of the N&DCA series, and Nick Hitchens won the inaugural Joe Summerlin Memorial trophy with a PB ‘25’ at Uttoxeter. James Gelsthorpe set the club record for 25 with 49:41. Claire Steels set the Ladies record for 25 miles with 56:44 in the Ladies National Championship, and Nick Hitchens set the veterans 25 mile record with his 54:11 at Uttoxeter. Several other riders also returned very creditable performances in open events, the most prolific being Martin Bullen.

The club promoted two open time trial events during the summer on the courses on the old A1 at Sawtry. Dafydd Houston took on the club open ‘10’, run in May, and must be congratulated on another successful and well-run event. I ran a ‘15’ in June on behalf of the N&DCA. We will be promoting the corresponding events again in 2018 – with the same organisers. I urge all members of the club to contribute to promotion of such events – they are always well appreciated by the competitors from outside PCC. Without these events the club will have no profile within the sport.

I continue to undertake the role of Open Events TT Secretary for the SE Midlands District.

I would like to thank all members who have supported time trialling within the club over the past year, in whatever capacity, and wish you all a successful winter and season next year. Finally, if anyone would like a CTT Handbook for 2018, please let me know as soon as possible. I will need to place our order in December.

Dave Yarham

Road Race and Road Team Report.

2017 was another successful season for the club on the road. There were 8 open road race wins for the club, 3 for Sam Woodfield, 2 for Claire Steels and 1 each for Malcolm Smith & Paul Pardoe. There were a number of other good placing by several riders, including Matthew Garfield, Alan Brophy, Ian Wild, Tommy Murray, Matthew Senter, Dean Musgrave, Mark Hill and Steve Noel.

One of the outstanding performances for the year was Sam Woodfield going from a third category rider at the start of the year and ending the season as a first cat, unfortunately he has now decided to leave the team.

Claire Steels got to grips with bunch racing this year along with her two wins in circuit races she took a great 3rd place in the Tour of Sussex ladies stage race.

Another great performance was Malcolm Smith retaining his title in the Tour of Cambridgeshire.

We had 5 riders competing in National Championship events this year, which is a record number for the club.

The team has continued support from Qualitetch, Alston country Homes, Rutland Cycling and Halo clothing. All of these are on board for us in 2018 and we will also be supporting some the TT riders in the club too.

Next year’s focus for the road team will be Masters racing with National Championships and World championship targets.

The club will be promoting open road races again next year, with the clubs open road races on Sunday July 1st once again kindly sponsored by Alston Country Homes. We will also be promoting a NCRA handicap event on Saturday March 17th and are looking into promoting a LVRC road race. These races WILL need club members to support them and to offer to help out. I am organising all three and it is NOT a one man job by any stretch of the imagination.

Ian Wild, Road Race Secretary & Team Manager

Press report summary for AGM 2017

This will be my final report as Press Secretary as in line with the constitution of the club I tender my resignation at this AGM. However, it is not my intention to seek re-election. In a time of changing technology I feel that a younger more “street” savvy person should be doing this job.

The year was a strange one in some ways and moving away from Peterborough did not help. The club achieved some remarkable results in races but I was always seemed to be the last to know, an attitude in current day riders I find hard to comprehend.

The other very frustrating argument against this “Job” selection is the ongoing attitude of the Peterborough Evening Telegraph towards this club. Attitudes I find strange insomuch that I worked for the group as a salesman; I persuaded the group to sponsor our first road race promotion ever (1970 and subsequently the following ten or so editions and I had dealings over the years with current staff members. Despite what I thought was some advantage, our local City rivals get the headlines and the photographic advantage practically every week even though our performances have eclipsed anything they produced. At first it was quite amusing but then it got embarrassing then annoying!

On a positive note I made 4 invited “appearances” on Radio Cambs on cycling related subjects though I did feel ambushed (couldn’t get a word in) on one Cyclists v Motorists crap that certain press elements love to concentrate on.

I therefore feel that a change of direction is needed and a fresh face at the helm of what is still an important club position.

Thank you Peterborough CC for all the help, advice etc over the last few years and good luck to my successor.

Dave Stanbridge

Club Captain’s report for Peterborough Cycling Club’s AGM 20th November 2017

Sadly, the state of the Club run has not improved since last year’s AGM. To begin with it was just Tim Cockerell and me with one or two newcomers on very few Sundays. In mid-summer the committee, after discussion, voted to discontinue the Club run. I have continued to turn up in Cathedral Square since then for my solo rides. We had two newcomers turn up on 12th November after having contacted Tim. With these two, James Musgrove and myself we had four people on that ride. One had already joined the Club. I shall continue to make myself available should any more newcomers want to join a social ride for beginners or are new to the area. I always tell them about other Peterborough CC weekend rides and other Club activities such as road races and time trials.
Chris Monk, Club Captain