The following draft minutes for this year’s AGM follow – hopefully they will be approved at next year’s AGM. Officers’ Reports for 2017 will be posted on the Forum in a few days time.

Minutes of the Peterborough Cycling Club

Annual General Meeting

Held on 2th November 2017



Committee Members Present:

John McCarthy, Tim Cockerell, Richard Roach, Chris Monk, Dave Stanbridge , Mark Greenway, Nick Hitchens, Manjit Manak, Ian Wild, Kevin Hobbs, Lydia Horrex

Members Present:

Twenty other members were present.


Simon Hodson, James Gelsthorpe, Andrew Alexander, Alex Craig, Alan Gardner.

Club Photograph:

Before the Meeting began, all members present assembled for a Club photograph.

Welcome Address:

The Chairman welcomed all present, after a “good year”.

2015 AGM Minutes:

The minutes of the 2016 AGM were accepted as an accurate record.

Chairman’s Report:

John McCarthy read his report.

Committee Members’ Reports:

  • Secretary/Treasurer
    § Time Trial Secretary. .
    § Club Captain.
    § Press Secretary.
  • Road Race Secretary/Road Team.
  • Membership Secretary.


(Secretary’s note: Hard copies of these reports are held on file, and they are also

published on the web site forum.)


Events 2017/18:

Trophy Presentations would once again be at the Fleet, and would be held on Friday evening 9th February with a substantial buffet supper. Guest Speaker would be Michael Hutchinson.

The pattern of events in 2018 would be similar to those of 2017, except that the final 2 evening TTs at the end of August would not be held (Getting dark and lack of numbers); the main Road Races date would be 1st July; the complete list would be published on the web when ready.

Club Subscriptions:

The Committee recommended that there should be no change to Club subscriptions for 2018; proposed David Stanbridge, seconded John Savill; carried.

Web Site:

Members should consider making more use of our web site, as well as the ephemeral qualities of Facebook. If any computer literate member would like to take on looking after the web site, the Secretary would be pleased to handover this task.

Sunday Rides:

Club captain reported that the 0900 Cathedral Square social ride was still poorly attended, but he would persevere.

Election of Management Committee and Officers for 2017/18:

All current Officers and Committee members (except the President) were deemed to have resigned, so the whole Committee was up for election/re-election.

The following Committee members were duly elected, having been proposed, seconded and voted into Office by the members attending:


2017/18 PCC Management Committee (effective from 20 Nov 17):

Chairman – John McCarthy

Club Captain – Chris Monk
Vice- Captain – Alex Craig
Secretary and Treasurer – Andrew Thompson

Membership Secretary – Mark Greenway
Road Race Secretary – Ian Wild
Time Trial Secretary – Dave Yarham
Press Secretary – Bruce Bainbridge,

Trophy Secretary – Ian Wild

Committee Members:

Manjit Manak, Kevin Hobbs, Richard Lamb, Francis Mulhern.


Any Other Business:

  • Secretary wanted approval to make a few small tidying up changes to the Club Constitution – approved.
  • Ian Wild would like to establish an Events Committee to spread organisers’ loads somewhat. Generally agreed but no specific names to record, though several members expressed support.


The President addressed the meeting wishing all safe and enjoyable cycling over the next year.


The meeting was closed at 2103.