What a great season it’s been for the club as a whole, especially the Time Triallists, it seems to have flown by all too quickly.

In 2018 we had a core group of riders who raced lots of Open events very successfully and promoted the club at regional and national events, what was slightly lacking was the feeling of togetherness and the organization to improve on what we had.

At the start of this year we decided to get organized, form a squad of riders who could compete on a regular basis and try to ensure we always had a minimum of 3 riders whenever possible at events promoting a team prize.

I know we all look at the results sheet in time trialling and base success on this…and rightly so, but this has not been the only reason 2019 has been brilliant. We have a few riders who are very talented and are able to win events outright, but what has made us the envy of other clubs and riders is the Team Spirit we now have, and the commitment of each rider to give 100% effort for his club mates. Each time we line up as a club at an event we know that although the times we post may vary the effort we put in will be the same. Many times this season it’s been 4 or 5 PCC riders last at HQ still chatting.

The results this year have been exceptional and as a team we have defended the N&DCA Team Shield and also won various ECCA Awards. Paul Pardoe and Matt Senter have won a number of open events between them and this is well deserved as most of us realize the commitment and amount of training that needs to be done to take open wins.

Club records have been set at a number of distances. Paul Pardoe set new 10m and 15m records with 18:34s and 28:52. Matt Senter set new 25m, 50m and 100m records with 49:13s, 1:42:53s and 3:32:44s respectively. Kevin Hobbs set new Vets records at both 10m and 50m with 19:43s and 1:50:55s.

For next season we will be looking to build again on what we already have, we have a number of riders who still have room to improve their times. We will be getting together as a club to plan for next season soon. Another aspect we have to focus on will be some of our talented veteran and female riders who along with others should be encouraged to ride more events.

The support from members has again been excellent with plenty of marshals and helpers at our club promoted events…Thank you all.

By Kevin Hobbs

Some of the 2019 Seasons Best Results below

  • 18th May ECCA Scratch 10m Championships E2/10 – 1st and the Zak Carr Trophy- Paul Pardoe – 18:35s. PCC Team winners in 57:09s
  • 26th May ECCA Scratch 25m Championships E2/25 – 1st and the Brunwin Cup – Matt Senter – 49:13s. PCC Team winners in 2:32:15s
  • ECCA Points Championship – 1st and the Points Trophy – Matt Senter – 3rd Phil Jones
  • ECCA Short Distance Points Championship – 1st and the Pickering Trophy – Paul Pardoe – 2nd Matt Senter – 3rd Kevin Hobbs.
  • N&DCA Points Champion1st Paul Pardoe – 3rd Jamie Murray. PCC Team winners