With the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions we are pleased to announce that the PCC Summer TT Series will start on Thursday 15th April, start time of 6:45pm at Southey Woods near Helpston. Please arrive with plenty of time to sign-on and no later than 6:30pm.

Start times and dates

Details of subsequent week’s events and start times can be found on the club website here https://www.peterboroughcyclingclub.co.uk/events/ and links to club courses can be found here https://www.peterboroughcyclingclub.co.uk/club-race-courses-links-to-maps-of-the-pcc-tt-courses/

Events remain open to both members and non-members and we are running the usual season-long Scratch, Handicap & Championship competitions for club members as well as the Road Bike League, which is open to all. More details on each of the competitions can be found here https://www.peterboroughcyclingclub.co.uk/category/club-championship-tables/club-championship-tables-2020/


For this year we are introducing a slight change to our entry fees of £5 for members and £7 for non members per event.
However, for all members we also offer the option of paying £30 upfront for entry to all 19 Club events, including the end of season hill climbs, which works out at just £1.57 an event!
The best value way to ride the Summer Series is to join the club for £20 and pay the £30 season entry fee, which still works out at only £2.63 per event, plus you get the other benefits of club membership such as a discount at Rutland Cycles, eligibility for club competitions & trophies, preferential entry to N&DCA & ECCA TT events and our Saturday Club Run from outside Rutland Cycles. You can still join even if you are already a member of another club.

The club membership form can be found here https://www.peterboroughcyclingclub.co.uk/join-us/

We will follow CTT Covid-19 rules: please read and observe these rules

Events will be run in line with Cycling Time Trials COVID-19 rules, which we have summarised below. In addition please remember a working rear light is mandatory. No light, no ride.
Please all observe these rules for everyone’s safety:
1. All cars to be parked 2m from each other
2. No warming up on rollers or turbo trainers.
3. The signing-on sheet to be completed by just one person overseeing the sign-on process (i.e. no actual signatures).
4. All entry fees to be put in a dedicated container.
5. No change is to be given. Exact £5/£7 fee only please.
6. Coins collected will be disinfected at home later.
7. Signing on will be by one at a time with the required social distancing of at least 1m in place.
8. No physical numbers will be issued, each rider simply gets the number he/she is on the signing-on sheet, and must call out that number at the finish.
9. The start and result sheet will only be handled by the timekeeper
10. No pusher-off. Riders will have one foot on the ground
11. The timekeeper will stand at a prescribed distance from each rider at the start
12. Riders are not to congregate in groups at the parking area
13. No one is to accompany the timekeeper in their car.
14. All race signage will be handled by just the one person.
15. All must observe social distancing guidelines when checking the result sheet that will be displayed at the finish.

Details of subsequent week’s events and start times can be found on the club website here https://www.peterboroughcyclingclub.co.uk/events/

…and links to club courses can be found here https://www.peterboroughcyclingclub.co.uk/club-race…/