Peterborough CC/Alston Country Homes Road Races

Some of the road surfaces between Lutton and Hemington are quite rough. At 13th June, Northants Council had patched some of the worst potholes, but riders need to be careful and help one another to avoid the worst bits – good practice for next year’s Cicle Classic. We will mark the worst bits the day before the races.

Unfortunately we are denied the use of Accredited Marshals this year, so are reverting to the course we have used for several years.

Proposed course can be seen at:

GPSies - Glatton

 It’s Sunday evening 3rd July and not long after the very successful PCC/Alston Country Homes Road races finished.

A big thanks to all today’s helpers, the BC Commissaires and, of course, the riders. There will soon be a selection of shots from the day’s races in our gallery, but for a fuller record of the races go to

James can be contacted at

I hope to post a list of the results here within the next day or so. Meanwhile congratulations to winners and all who took part.

RESULTS, both races available at this web site RESULTS Section.

3rd July 2016

Entries Closed. Both races full fields – riders shown below. Entry on the day always a possibility – £30 entry fee, first come first served.

Race HQ is at Sawtry Community College, open from 0845,  PE28 5TQ. There is adequate parking on-site, and changing facilities are available in the hall. There are toilets, but no showers, and refreshments will be available.

  • Signing on will commence at 0900 and close 20 minutes before National race start time – 1000.
  • ALL RIDERS MUST ATTEND THE RIDER BRIEFING AT 1000 IN THE MAIN HALL. After that, please assemble, ready to go, in the car park just outside HQ 10 minutes before start time. That is, at 1010 for the National B race and 1015 for the Regional B race.
  • Unofficial following cars not permitted, no litter, please. Feed Station (just beyond the finish line) for National B only.
  • Note that any riders who withdraw from the race early may not be able to reclaim their licence until the races are over and the Commissaires release them. As usual, licences will be returned only with surrender of race numbers, which will also entitle the rider to a cup of tea/coffee.

Please keep the noise down – riders and cars – along the High Hayden Road from 1 km to go, past the Stables, until the finish. Please ask your supporters to obey the parking restrictions near the finish,  this is vital to keep locals happy and for rider safety; and clear up all rubbish.

The National Race will have a limited neutral service van provided by Terry Wright Cycles. A broom wagon will follow Race 2; it will carry spare wheels on request. Please attach ownership labels to spare wheels.

Both races supported by National Escort Group Motorcycle Marshals.

BC photo finish for both races.

  • Chief Commissaires – Colin Coe and Tom Caldwell
  • Safety Officer – Tim Cockerell
  • Chief Judge/Finish Line Commissaire – Ian Wild
  • Chief Marshal – Richard Roach


National B 

1st – £350     2nd – £250     3rd – £150 4th – £100 5th – £80 6th – £60

7th,8th,9th & 10th – £30   Team of 3 – £150 (total)

First Junior – £50*

Regional B

1st – £60     2nd – £50     3rd – £40     4th – £ 30 5th – £25 6th – £20

First Junior £25*

Sprint primes, both races, at end of 2nd lap supported by Terry Wright Cycles.

National B – Prize plus £40

Regional B – Prize plus £20

Junior prizes * If already winner of higher value prize, junior prize to second home.

Peterborough CC Committee and Members are grateful to Alston Country Homes for their generous sponsorship of these races.

Prizes will be presented at Race HQ as soon as possible after the races finish.

First Aid by: Medicmart and Stacy Davis.

National Riders

1 Malcolm Smith Over 23 1st Peterborough CC
2 Matthew Senter Over 23 2nd Peterborough CC
3 William Scott Over 23 2nd Team Corley Cycles
4 Matthew Exley Over 23 2nd Team Corley Cycles
5 Cameron Jeffers Under 23 2nd Team Corley Cycles
6 Oliver Barbieri Over 23 2nd Spirit Bikes RT
7 Edward Clemens Over 23 1st Spirit Bikes RT
8 Cameron Woolsey Under 23 1st Spirit Bikes RT
9 Jake Hales Over 23 Elite Spirit Bikes RT
10 Mark Baines Over 23 2nd Spirit Bikes RT
11 Tom Fitzpatrick Over 23 1st Spirit Bikes RT
12 Anthony Morris Over 23 1st TMG Horizon Cycling Team
13 Adam Capes Over 23 1st PMR@Toachim House
14 Joseph Sutton Under 23 2nd PMR@Toachim House
15 Rhys Clegg Over 23 1st PMR@Toachim House
16 Joshua Lawless Over 23 Elite PMR@Toachim House
17 Craig Barton Over 23 3rd Withdrawn
18 Pierre Vernie Under 23 3rd Godfrey Bikewear RT
19 David Ogg Over 23 2nd Godfrey Bikewear RT
20 Corey Ashley Under 23 1st Godfrey Bikewear RT
21 Ross Lamb Under 23 1st Godfrey Bikewear RT
22 Dominic Schils Over 23 Elite Velo Schils-Interbike RT
23 Paul Miller Over 23 2nd Velo Schils-Interbike RT
24 Ashley Cox Over 23 Elite CC Luton
25 Douglas Coleman Over 23 1st Spirit Bikes RT
26 Mike Wragg Over 23 2nd CC Luton
27 Luke Hattersley Under 23 2nd Richardsons-Trek RT
28 Rhys Howells Over 23 Elite Richardsons-Trek RT
29 Luke Ryan Over 23 Elite Richardsons-Trek RT
30 Karl Baillie Under 23 1st Raleigh GAC
31 Charlie Bratt Under 23 2nd St Ives CC
32 Jack Burgin Over 23 2nd St Ives CC
33 Bjorn Krylander Over 23 2nd Cambridge CC
34 Peter Kirwan Over 23 2nd Cambridge CC
35 John Mulvey Over 23 2nd Cambridge CC
36 William Smith Over 23 2nd Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
37 Neil Murphy Over 23 2nd Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
38 George Stainton-Ellis Under 23 1st Withdrawn
39 David Hewett Under 23 1st Excel Pedal Heaven Academy
40 Lawrence  Carpenter Over 23 1st Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
41 Chris Snook Over 23 2nd Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
42 Jack Taylor Over 23 2nd PlanetX – Northside Cycling
43 Martin Ford Over 23 1st PlanetX – Northside Cycling
44 Olie Taylor Over 23 2nd Wellingborough Cycles RT
45 George Fox Over 23 1st Wellingborough Cycles RT
46 Jordan Peacock Under 23 1st Wellingborough Cycles RT
47 Steve Young Over 23 1st Giant Store Rutland/Wattbike
48 Harry Browning Under 23 2nd Giant Store Rutland/Wattbike
49 Morris Bacon Over 23 2nd Withdrawn
50 Thomas Power Under 23 2nd Strada-Sport
51 Lloyd Chapman Over 23 Elite Pedal Heaven
52 Tom Neale Over 23 1st Unattached
53 Samuel Woodfield Over 23 3rd Withdrawn
54 David Billings Over 23 1st Cycology Sunwise
55 Michael Burke Over 23 2nd Welland Valley CC
56 Grant Martin Over 23 1st Feather Cycles Racing
57 Charlie Wright Under 23 2nd VC Norwich
58 Neil Edwards Over 23 3rd Unattached
59 Thomas Pidcock Junior 2nd Withdrawn
60 Elliot Fullerton Under 23 3rd KASSEI.CC-TEKNOFUEL
61 Laurence Kirby Under 23 2nd Catford CC Equipe/Banks
62 James Rix Under 23 1st Glendene CC
63 David Watson Over 23 3rd Ride Coventry
64 Paul McGrath Over 23 2nd North Road CC
65 Cameron Gutteridge Junior 2nd Finchley Racing Team
66 Robert Ward Junior 2nd Bourne Wheelers CC
67 Ben Keeley Over 23 3rd VeloVelocity/Risbygate Solicitors
68 George Bartlett Over 23 1st KTM Impsport RT
69 Sam Shepherd Over 23 3rd Withdrawn
70 James Moss Over 23 1st Withdrawn
71 Liam Walsh Under 23 1st VC Equipe-Flix
72 Owen Lake Over 23 1st Newdales Cycles RT
73 Ed Porteus Over 23 2nd St Neots CC
74 Mark Smith Over 23 2nd Pro Cycle Hire UK Racing Team
75 Craig Nicholls Over 23 1st API-Metrow/Bodyby JR
76 Andy Lyons Over 23 1st Richardsons-Trek RT
77 Frank Longstaff Junior 1st Team Corley Cycles
78 Andy Betts Over 23 2nd Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
79 Christopher McNamara Over 23 Elite Nuun-Sigma Sport-London RT
80 Matthew Webster Over 23 !st Wellingborough Cycles RT


81 Simon Alexander Over 23 Elite Richardsons Trek – IN
82 Jamie Caldwell Over23 Richardsons Trek – IN
83 Mark Yale Under23 3rd VeloSchils InterBike – IN
84 Roy Chamberlain Over 23 Elite Team Corlley Cycles – IN
85 Andrew Williams Over 23 1st Cwmbran Paragon – IN

Regional Riders

101 Matthew Garfield Over 23 3rd Peterborough CC
102 Steve Noel Over 23 3rd Peterborough CC
103 James Boardley Over 23 3rd Peterborough CC
104 Alan Brophy Over 23 3rd Peterborough CC
105 Francis Mulhern Over 23 4th Peterborough CC
106 Paul Johnson Over 23 3rd Peterborough CC
107 Brian Stacey Over 23 3rd St Ives CC
108 Roland Ward Over 23 4th Withdrawn
109 Robert Tillot Over 23 3rd St Ives CC
110 Simon Rinaldo Over 23 3rd St Neots CC
111 Matthew Vandenbos Over 23 3rd St Neots CC
112 David Hennessy Over 23 3rd St Neots CC
113 Richard Ostler Over 23 3rd St Neots CC
114 Wayne Tunnah Over 23 3rd St Neots CC
115 Peter Blencowe Over 23 3rd Cambridge CC
116 Joseph Halloran Over 23 3rd Cambridge CC
117 David Lee Junior 3rd Cambridge CC
118 Andy Mackay Over 23 3rd Welland Valley CC
119 Robert Moore Over 23 3rd Welland Valley CC
120 Henry Ingram Junior 4th Welland Valley CC
121 Thomas King Junior 3rd Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
122 Edward Nelson Over 23 4th Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
123 Stephen Wade Over 23 4th Kettering CC
124 Adrian Read Over 23 4th Kettering CC
125 Chris Thornton Over 23 3rd Great Yarmouth CC
126 Robert Anderson Over 23 4th Great Yarmouth CC
127 Clive Julian Over 23 4th Great Yarmouth CC
128 Thomas Doe Over 23 3rd VC Norwich
129 Ivan Carr Over 23 3rd VC Norwich
130 Justin Woolsey Over 23 4th VC Norwich
131 Glyndwr Thomas Over 23 3rd VC Norwich
132 Brett Travers Over 23 3rd VC Revolution
133 Andrew Elderfield Over 23 3rd VC Revolution
134 Alan Groves Over 23 4th VC Revolution
135 Stephen Messenger Over 23 3rd East London Velo
136 Vincent Christian Over 23 3rd East London Velo
137 Nick Clarke Over 23 3rd Lovelo Cinelli RT
138 James Senter Over 23 3rd Kings Lynn CC
139 Tom Whalley Over 23 3rd CC London
140 Ben Willy Over 23 4th Southend Wheelers
141 Richard Neil Over 23 4th St Ives CC
142 David Furniss Over 23 3rd Doncaster Wheelers CC
143 Jesus Moreno Losa Over 23 3rd Islington CC
144 Simon Millard Over 23 3rd Iceni Velo
145 Thomas North Over 23 4th Royal Air Force CA
146 Will Morton Over 23 3rd Rapha CC
147 Jack Bracey Junior 4th Strada Sport
148 Tiago Fougo Junior 3rd Greenwheel Cycles
149 Oliver Howe Under 23 4th Strada Sport
150 Malcolm Borg Over 23 4th West Suffolk Wheelers
151 Ian Perry Over 23 3rd Colchester Rovers
152 Adam Fisher Over 23 3rd Wellingborough Cycles
153 Julian Freeman Over 23 3rd Rockingham Forest Whls
154 Toby Miles Junior 3rd Finchley Racing Team
155 Benjamin Brown Over 23 3rd Rapha CC
156 Jacob Shailes Junior 4th Kins Lynn CC
157 Jack Sedgwick Over 23 3rd API-Metrow/Bodyby JR
158 Alison Lilley Over 23 3rd Fenland Clarion
159 Roland Ward Over 23 4th Withdrawn
160 Tom Dunkley Over 23 3rd St Neots CC


162 Patrick Warren Over 23 3rd Ellmore Factory Racing – IN
163 Bradley Nelson Under 23 3rd QSW-Etixx – IN
164 Spencer Stratford Over 23 3rd Herts Rouleur Racing Club
165 Mark Howard Over 23 3rd Pro Cycle Hire UK RT
167 Simon Javellau-Hill Over 23 3rd Withdrawn