Northampton & District CA

15 Miles Time Trial

Saturday 11th June 2016 – start 2:00pm

(Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations)

Promoted on behalf of the N&DCA by Peterborough CC.

This is a counting event for all categories of the N&DCA Time Trial Series Championships.

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Event Secretary: David Yarham. 7 Torpel Way, Maxey, Peterborough, PE6 9EQ

Tel: 01778 343077            Mobile: 07932 162471

Timekeepers:                        Mr J Savill                                    Mr R Daniells

CTT Observer:            Mr T Cockerell

Course: N1/15.

Start on B1043 near the Wheatsheaf Flyover by lamp post No1 (on the east side of the road) approx 330 yards north of Monk Wood junction B1090. Proceed on B1043 north to Sawtry Toll Bridge roundabout. Straight on, 2nd exit, to Stanch Hill roundabout. Straight on, 2nd exit, to St Andrew’s Bridge roundabout. Straight on, 2nd exit, to Sawtry North roundabout. Straight on, 2nd exit, to Stilton roundabout, where turn and retrace to Sawtry North roundabout. Straight on, 1st exit, to St Andrew’s Bridge roundabout. Straight on, 1st exit, to Stanch Hill roundabout. Straight on, 1st exit, to Sawtry Toll Bridge roundabout. Straight on, 2nd exit, on B1043 to finish on B1043 in line with 4 manhole covers in grass verge with blue hydrant, approximately 50 yards short of gateway to Ameycespa Waste Management Centre.


Be aware that it is approximately 4 miles from the HQ to the start. If you finish before the last competitor has started, please ensure that you do not hinder any rider just starting during your return to Sawtry Toll Bridge roundabout and the HQ.


Headquarters:                                    Sawtry WI Hall, Gidding Road, Sawtry, Cambs., PE28 5TS

Numbers and Signing-on Sheet:            At headquarters, exchange number for a free drink after the event.

Local Regulations:            Any rider performing a U-turn within sight of the start or finish may be disqualified.

Parking:            There is no parking at the hall itself. However, the Sawtry Ex-Servicemen’s Club have kindly allowed us to use their car park (next door to the WI hall) for the afternoon. Please park with due consideration for others, especially if you need to park on the road in the surrounding area.

Safety:                        In the interests of your own safety, CTT and the event promoters strongly recommend that you wear a hard shell helmet that meets internationally accepted safety standards. It is further recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to your machine in a position visible to following road users and is active while the machine is in use. In accordance with regulation 15, ALL Junior and Juvenile entrants must wear protective Hard Shell helmets.

You approach Sawtry North roundabout from the south downhill and will need to continue further round the island than usual, so give yourself plenty of road space and adjust your speed accordingly. Keep your head up, and have a safe and fast ride.



Fastest:            1st £18   2nd £16   3rd £14   4th £12   5th £10   6th £9   7th £8   8th £7

Lady:                        1st £9                        2nd £7                        3rd £6

Junior/Juvenile:                        1st 9                        2nd £7                        3rd £6

Masters X (born 1957- 1966):

1st £9                        2nd £7                        3rd £6

Masters Y (born 1947- 1956):

1st £9                        2nd £7                        3rd £6

Masters Z (born 1946 or earlier):

1st £9                        2nd £7                        3rd £6

Team of 3:            1st £8 each            2nd £6 each