As I left The Fleet last evening at about 1115pm a number of worthies noted for supporting the Saturday Early Birds ride were enjoying a bread roll fight in the Fleet grounds. I look forward to a report on today’s Early Birds ride.

This was the culmination of a very pleasant evening notable for:

  • Interesting talk from our guest of honour Harry Lodge.
  • Excellent meal, as usual.
  • Number of trophies won by James Gelsthorpe – hope impending nuptials don’t affect his 2017 performances.
  • Marina’s late arrival to learn that those present had voted for her to receive the Kelly Cup.
  • The extensive array of draw prizes, many very attractive including those donated by Rutland Cycling.
  • Smooth organising of the Trophy presentation by Ian Wild, accompanied by appropriate images on the big screen.
  • Equally smooth Draw proceedings thanks to our Chairman’s efforts.
  • “Beery” presentation to Club Captain Chris Monk for Helper of the Year. Next year will see a different recipient, so get volunteering.

A short note on Harry Lodge’s new venture. His Halo Company provides our Club kit and has extended its activities as Harry becomes Coach to Nepal Cycling. This is not just about racing, and if you want to see an example of one of the most interesting cycle events in the world this year Google “Halo Himalaya Nepal Cycling Tour” – a couple of interesting weeks in Nepal next October.

Finally, a plea for more of you to sign up to the evening at Thomas Cooks on 23rd March – worthy charities and should be a fun evening.