Secretary and Treasurer’s report to the AGM on 19th November 2019

This is the first full year that I have performed the role of club secretary and treasurer, having initially taken on the role in mid-2018 on a temporary basis pending the 2018 AGM.

The main element of the role involves providing agendas and minutes for the regular committee meetings and AGM and ensuring that the club is affiliated to the national bodies, such as British Cycling and the CTT, and regional bodies, such as N&DCA and ECCA, all of which have been accomplished.

A particular issue has been trying to get club members to pay their annual subscriptions on time. The club subscriptions are set annually by the AGM and are effectively due on 1st January of the year in question, with a final deadline of the end of February in line with the club constitution. During 2019 I was constantly reminding members and asking if they wished to remain members, receiving the final subscriptions some time during the summer.

Following this, I have revised the club membership list and we currently have 64 paid members and 11 lifetime members and I have also spent a lot of time updating the email list to reflect this position.

In terms of finance, the club does not produce a full set of accounts on an accruals-based income and expenditure system. The club holds a specific bank account and simply uses a receipts and payments basis. The table below summarises the position for the 12 months to 31st October 2019 (nearest month end to the AGM).

As can be seen, the balance has dropped from £5,670 to £3,824 over the year mainly due to the team account which is primarily due to receiving sponsorship monthly this year. The balance will therefore go up over the coming months.

Bruce Bainbridge
Club Secretary and Treasurer
10th November 2019


Description Value General Account Team Account
Balance b/f 01/11/18 5670.55 4532.42 1138.13
Affiliation -456.00 -456.00
Charitable Donation -100.00 -100.00
Club Kit -1626.20 -1626.20
CTT Levies -1385.00 -1385.00
Equipmemt -242.76 -154.78 -87.98
ICT Cost -298.26 -298.26
Membership/Annual TT 1721.00 1721.00
National Championship fees -173.00 -173.00
Petty Cash Paid In 90.00 90.00
Prize Presentation -614.39 -614.39
Road Team -315.98 -315.98
Road Race Event surplus 344.00 344.00
Safeguarding Costs -26.00 -26.00
Scout Hut -275.00 -275.00
Sponsorshiip 600.00 600.00
TT Entry fees 911.00 911.00
Balance c/f 31/10/19 3823.96 4115.99 -292.03