Your best 6 events to count using your best 5x 10 mile and events and  best 17 mile or 23 mile event
Run as part of PCC Summer Series events and open to all comers not just PCC members*.

6 Simple Rules:
1. No aerobars, clip-on aerobars or aero extensions can be used
2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times while racing (i.e. not with forearms resting on the handlebar).
3. Legs must only be covered to mid calf.
4. Wheels may have no more than 90mm depth and must have at least 12 spokes.
5. Helmets must have no visor.
6. Ears must not be covered by the helmet.

* For insurance purposes, after 3 rides you need to be a member of a Cycling Time Trials affiliated club. PCC will offer a half season membership price for those not already members of an affiliated club.

NameTotal (best 6)11th April 201918th April 201925th April 20192nd May 201916th May 201923rd May 201930th May 201913th June 201920th June 201827th June 20194th July 201911th July 201918th July 201925th July 20191st August 20198th August 201915th August 2019 
Matt Garfield1492222242425242425252425252525
Ben Magee1411317202522182322242423
Michael Ledlie1271420212322201921
Lisa-Jane Lait127142216222118192122
Denis Smith122131923222223Welland Valley
Martin Mason1071923212024
David Sargent-Szczesniak9824242525
Anthony Gough9625242324Velo One
Geoff Walden881115202121
Phil Bradley75252525RATS
Sue Olver7519171821Kinetic
Nick Smith71232325St Ives CC
Georgia Bullard70222424Brother UK
Simon Liversedge68242123
Austin Smith65212222Welland Valley
Stephen Parnwell62202022
Simon Pidduck558121817
Fran Mulhern442123
Mel Evans422022Fenland Clarion
Julian Fryer401921
Adrian McHale401921
Frances Rowe381820Guest
Brian Seward361620Fenland Clarion
Hudaifa Cox351619BoysOnBikes
Kurt Sanders331518Rutland Cycling
James Gelsthorpe2525
Kevin Hobbs2424
Neil Palmer2323Spalding CC
Colin Duff2323Guest
Steven Nile2323
Shane Mezzatesta2323RATS
Harry Garfield2323
Matt Green2222Velo One
Ian Wild2121
Tom Stokes2121PB Performance
Jonathan Cope2020Deeping Peleton
Mark Tomlinson1919
Darren Kelly1818Fenland Clarion
Chris Pithey1818Active Edge
Stuart Bogg1717RATS
Chris Rimes1515
Phil Merritt1212Fenland Clarion
Tom Kowin1111Guest
Sam Whitmore1010Guest
Jahan Malik99BoysOnBikes
Clare King77Guest