Your best 6 events to count using your best 5x 10 mile and events and  best 17 mile or 23 mile event
Run as part of PCC Summer Series events and open to all comers not just PCC members*.

6 Simple Rules:
1. No aerobars, clip-on aerobars or aero extensions can be used
2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times while racing (i.e. not with forearms resting on the handlebar).
3. Legs must only be covered to mid calf.
4. Wheels may have no more than 90mm depth and must have at least 12 spokes.
5. Helmets must have no visor.
6. Ears must not be covered by the helmet.

* For insurance purposes, after 3 rides you need to be a member of a Cycling Time Trials affiliated club. PCC will offer a half season membership price for those not already members of an affiliated club.

Road Bike Series Standings                  
Overall on Actual Time
NameTotal (best 5)2020-07-16 00:00:002020-07-23 00:00:002020-07-30 00:00:002020-08-06 00:00:002020-08-13 00:00:002020-08-20 00:00:00
Ian Wild1232325252525
Stephen Feary9422242424
Gary Chaundy70232324
Ibrahim Cox442222
Darren Grigas422121
Francis Mulhern2525
Hudaifa Cox2525
James Silk2424
Janiak Dariusz2424
Matt Clarkson2323
Matt Tattersall2323
Claire Parkins2121