Club Championship 10m TTs, based on handicap through season.  Best 8 taken.

The handicap league – think of it a bit like a golf handicap…

Your handicap time is calculated on your best actual time on the Club 10 course relative to a base of 20:00 mins, less 4 seconds for each minute above 20:00 mins. E.g. a rider with a personal best time of 25mins on the course would have a handicap of 5mins – (5 x 4 seconds) =4mins 40secs.  The intention of the ‘4 secs/min’ adjustment is to allow for it being easier to improve a slower time.

Each week, to determine your performance on handicap, each rider will have their handicap time deducted from their actual time and riders will be ranked and awarded points based on that time.

If you beat your previous PB time on the course, your handicap time will be recalculated for future weeks.

Updated as season progresses.  See event list for details

NameTotal (best 8)11th April 201918th April 201925th April 201916th May 201923rd May 201913th June 201920th June 201827th June 20194th July 201918th July 201925th July 20191st August 20198th August 201915th August 2019
Matt Garfield1841424222423252520192120
Harry Garfield16924252320201820161917
Ben Magee16619161516192522222221
Simon Pidduck1631521191825252119
Phil Jones163212218212222172016
Adrian McHale1471417201821192018
Mark Tomlinson136232421192524
Michael Ledlie124202320221920
Peter Wilson11916151415152222
Lisa-Jane Lait1071922232419
Geoff Walden1011919182421
Matt Clarkson9422252324
Martin Atkinson9122232323
James Boardley8413242423
Martin Mason69252123
Paul Townsin6818171716
Stephen Parnwell66162525
Kevin Hobbs65172325
David Sargent-Szczesniak51171816
Simon Liversedge491st January 19702524
Julian Fryer341st January 19701717
Paul Pardoe2222
James Gelsthorpe2020
Ian Wild1414
Chris Rimes1313
Sharron King1212