Risking being sued by Christophe, his report from yesterday’s Open 15 follows:

“A good team result at today’s N&DCA. James Gelsthorpe finished in 2nd with 32:02. I trailed in 3rd with 33:31. Securing the team win in 5th was Paul Pardoe with 33:44. That extends our overall lead in the team competition, which we led by only 1pt this morning! Kevin Hobbs in 35:29 (not sure on position), Nicholas Hitchens in 12th with 35:55, Adrian McHale suffered a puncture 4mi in, ending his first ride on his new bike, and no result for Simon Pidduck…not sure what happened there. Forecast was epically wrong, the downpour never came and we were instead “blessed” with Malaysian-esque humidity and 25C+! Slight tailwind out, headwind back. Good day for the PCC.”