Even in this Covid-restricted year a number of club members rode in national championship events and returned some excellent performances.  Well done all – it is great to see the club so well represented at this level.

Championship Date Course Rider Time Position
CTT 10mile 30/08/2020 H10/3R Paul Pardoe 20:09 47th
CTT 10mile 30/08/2020 H10/3R Ben Stancombe 20:11 49th
CTT 10mile 30/08/2020 H10/3R Matt Senter 20:52 86th
Youth 12/09/2020 P829/A Harry Garfield 25:05 44th
CTT 25mile 27/09/2020 A25/37 Paul Pardoe 50:41 32nd
CTT Closed Circuit 11/10/2020 Thruxton Paul Pardoe 23:39 22nd
CTT Circuit 18/10/2020 E33/25 Paul Pardoe 52:46 15th
CTT Circuit 18/10/2020 E33/25 James Boardley 1:03:47 65th