Hereward Series

Hereward Series

The Hereward Series.

The Hereward Series is a series of 4 time trial events run by the four clubs in the area – Peterborough Cycling Club, Bourne Wheelers, Fenland Clarion, and Spalding Cycling Club – the objective being to promote some competition between clubs. Each club promotes one event.

The events are run on a handicap basis. Each rider is awarded a handicap according to their best actual time on their home club’s ‘evening 10 course’ (in the case of PCC members that is the normal circuit around Helpston finishing at Southey Woods). The entry fee is £4 for each event, £2 of which covers the CTT rider levy,
the remainder goes into the prize fund for the end of the series.

The series is judged on riders’ best 3 placings. Any rider completing 3 events is guaranteed some prize money.
This Thursday’s 10 (12th May) is the Peterborough CC round, so the entry fee on Thursday will be £4. This is payable on the night and is not covered by the ‘additional racing subscription’ paid by some members. Race numbers are allocated in the sequence in which riders sign on. We are expecting a field of around 40 riders in all (including the Bourne, Clarion and Spalding riders), so if you wish to ride please arrive in good time. There will, not surprisingly, be extra pressure on parking spaces.

If you do not wish to ride, but are available, your help would be much appreciated for marshalling. Since there will be riders who are not familiar with our 10 course, we need to place a marshal at each junction, and we currently need a couple more volunteers.

The other 3 events are:
Bourne Wheelers Wed 25/05/16 at Aslackby (not Aunby as currently published in the Events Calendar)
Fenland Clarion Wed 15/06/16 at Helpston (on the Clarion’s 10 course)
Spalding CC Wed 06/07/16 at Pode Hole (meet at the Fisherman’s Arms pub)


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