Helpston 10’s start this Thursday 16th July, start time 7pm, please arrive and sign on before 6.40pm outside Southey Woods entrance. Event is open to members and guests. £5 entry fee. Please all observe the rules below for everyone’s safety.
1. All cars to be parked 2m from each other
2. No warming up on rollers or turbo trainers.​
3. The signing-on sheet to be completed by just one person overseeing the sign-on process (i.e. no actual signatures).
4. All entry fees to be put in a dedicated container.​
5. No change is to be given. Exact £5 fee only please.
6. Coins collected will be disinfected at home later.​
7. Signing on will be by one at a time with the required social distancing of at least 1m in place.​
8. No physical numbers will be issued, each rider simply gets the number he/she is on the signing-on sheet, and must call out that number at the finish.
9. The start and result sheet will only be handled by the timekeeper​
10. No pusher-off. Riders will have one foot on the ground​
11. The timekeeper will stand at a prescribed distance from each rider at the start​
12. Riders are not to congregate in groups at the parking area​
13. No one is to accompany the timekeeper in their car.​
14. All race signage will be handled by just the one person.​
15. All must observe social distancing guidelines when checking the result sheet that will be displayed at the finish.