The Club will be supporting Thomas Cook’s charity bike ride from New York to Los Angeles on 23/24 March. The Club aims to raise £200 on the evening of the 23rd and we’ll need a good attendance to do our bit that evening – supporting Thomas Cook’s Childrens Charity and Sue Ryder. Lydia’s text follows showing you how to join in. Note that we have 80 slots of 15 minutes to fill, so some will need to ride at least 2 slots, maybe more. I’ll send out some reminders nearer the time, but it’s important that you sign up ASAP. While each slot you sign up for will cost you £5, the Club will reimburse you £2.50 if you let me know how many slots you are filling.
This should be a fun evening and will generate good publicity for the Club as well a Thomas Cook.

Thomas Cook USA Coast to Coast Virtual Cycle Ride

During Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th March the Thomas Cook WestPoint office will be taking part in a virtual USA Coast to Coast charity cycle ride from New York to Los Angeles.

The 3030 miles will be covered on stationary bikes in prominent locations across their UK, German, Belgium, Netherlands and China head offices with distances being accumulated across the offices.

I am pleased to announce that Peterborough Cycling Club will be a local sponsor of the event and our members will have the opportunity to book themselves on one (or a few) 15 minutes slot available between 7.30pm – 9.30pm on the evening of Thursday 23rd March. As Peterborough Cycling Club has 80 slots to fill we hope the atmosphere will be a social as well as fund raising evening!

Please sign up to the event on a slot between 7.30pm – 9.30pm and submit your £5 donation per slot by using the below site.

Any questions please ask Lydia directly on