2019 – what a brilliant year for the Club!
Not only have we had an increase in the numbers for our season-long Club events, but this year’s initiative of promoting a ‘Road Bike’ aspect of our Time Trials was met with a lot of enthusiasm.
It was great to note that doing this attracted a lot of riders to our Thursday evening TT’s, and highlighted the difference in performances between types of bikes.
We cannot fail to mention how proud the Club is of the fantastic results achieved by our top TT men. Never has the Club achieved so much by so few! I am sure Dave will highlight some of these.
Once again, the Club has had a successful year of Road Race promotion, and so a special vote of thanks must go to Ian Wild for all his hard work and commitment.
Let’s mention commitment…I and the Club – have been extremely pleased in how several members have stepped forward to make a positive contribution to not only organising and promoting events, but also in taking over the reins of timekeeping several times during the season.
I and Dave are very grateful to these people – they have enabled to workload to be that little bit lighter during the year.
Not only that, the website has been given a thorough overhaul this year, and a big thank you should go to Phil Jones and Paul Pardoe for all the hard work done during the year.
For them, and for all those who have stepped up to the plate, a round of applause is surely warranted!
The Club continues to survive – and do you know why?
It is because of all of us, and what we do, and how we do it.
1874 to 2019
Some record…let it continue