Name ActualTime
Paul Pardoe 00:51:11
James Gelsthorpe 00:51:25
Kevin Hobbs 00:54:48
Richard Lamb 00:55:58
Darren Kelly 00:56:23 Bourne Wheelers
Paul Townsin 00:57:56
Adrian McHale 00:58:07
Michael Smalley 00:58:35
Chris Reid 01:00:31
Ben Magee 01:00:45
Dave Yarham 01:01:40
Michael Ledlie 01:01:56
David Hallam 01:06:00
Paul Smith 01:07:04
Paul Crawford 01:08:38
Alex MacDonald 01:09:25
Martin Candish 01:14:35
Ian Cross 00:35:48 only 2 laps completed Velo Rutland
Simon Pidduck 00:34:35 only 2 laps completed

Message from TT Sec:

‘At this week’s TT we had two separate, polite complaints from motorists. They complained that competitors were riding almost down the middle of the road thus making it both difficult and dangerous to overtake. Please keep to the left when riding unless, of course, other circumstances dictate otherwise.’