The AGM for 2015 will be held at the Paston Scout Hut starting at 1900 with free coffee, sausage rolls and other healthy snacks. The agenda follows. Formal proceedings will begin at 1930 with a photograph of those attending, so please wear a Club top for this.

This is your chance to have a say on Club matters and the Committee hopes for a big attendance. All the Club Officers and Committee Members will resign, so this is a chance to get even more involved in Club affairs; on the night you would need a proposer and seconder.

If you wish to raise a topic under Any Other Business please let me know a week or so before the meeting. The Chairman is entitled to refuse discussion of topics raised without notice.

The draft minutes for the 2015 AGM are available on this web site.

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting 2016

To be held on Monday 21st November at 7.30pm

in The Club Room

  1. Welcome Address.
  2. 2015 AGM minutes.
  3. Report by Club Chairman.
  4. Officers’ Reports.
  5. PCC Road Team Report.
  6. Events in 2017, including 2016 Trophy Presentations.
  7. Club Subscriptions.
  8. Members’ obligation to help at Open Events – see Committee proposal below*.
  9. Web Site.
  10. Sunday Rides.
  11. Election of Management Committee and Officers for 2015/2016.
  12. Any Other Business – subject to pre-notification.

Closing Address

* New members sign up to helping at least once per year at an Open event. The Committee would like this to apply to all members. A list of events would be published and kept up to date, with members encouraged to commit to help in good time.

PS:Remember to bring/wear a Club jersey for the photograph.

  • Holders of Club Trophies are encouraged to return them, clean and polished, at this meeting.
  • Meet at 1900 for coffee/snacks.
  • 2017 subs can be paid after the meeting, if convenient.