The first club championship of the season (the Hardriders’) was held on Saturday (23rd February) on the Folksworth-Lutton-Polebrook-Hemington-Lutton-Folksworth course.

There was an excellent turnout of 13 riders altogether (6 club members plus 7 ‘guest riders’), much improved from the last 2 years.  The weather was probably the best we have ever had for this event and this was reflected in the times achieved.

Everybody was quicker than the times posted last year, and the field included at least 3 riders riding their first TT.

The overall winner David Sargent-Szczesniak posted a time of 55:02 even though he was still recovering from a bout of ‘Hand, Foot and Mouth’ disease – the pleasures of new parenthood!

Another ride worthy of particular note was that of 15 year old Harry Garfield.  He returned 1:03:48, at an average of well over 20mph, in his first event.  It is very encouraging to see a youngster taking up the sport.

Let’s hope this all augurs well for an excellent 2019 season.

Dave Yarham, TT Secretary

Name No Actual Time Handicap Handicap Time Comments
David Sargent-Szczesniak 8 0:55:02 0:04:40 0:50:22
Steven Maile 1 0:55:31 Fenland Clarion
Graham Wright 13 0:56:33 Velo One
Antony Gough 9 0:56:33 Velo One
Nick Smith 6 0:58:13 St Ives
Michael Smalley 2 0:58:41 Witham Wheelers
Martin Mason 12 0:58:43 0:12:28 0:46:15
Ben Magee 11 0:59:59 0:11:52 0:48:07
Phil Jones 7 1:00:11 0:11:54 0:48:17
Loz Staples 10 01:00:18 Velo One
Harry Garfield 4 01:03:48 00:16:48 0:47:00
Jahan Malik 3 01:05:01 BoB CC
Mark Tomlinson 5 dnf puncture