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22 12, 2016

Event Helpers


Click on Events, and down to Event Helpers. At the AGM it was decided that all members should help at a minimum of one Open Event every year. This page enables members to bid for a job on one of the 5 Open Events the Club will run in 2017 (and for the Committee to [...]

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5 12, 2016

2016 AGM: Draft Minutes


The following are draft minutes from this year's AGM. Hopefully they will be approved next November (The draft 2015 minutes were approved at the recent AGM.) Minutes of the Peterborough Cycling Club Annual General Meeting Held on 21st November 2016  Committee Members Present: John McCarthy, Tim Cockerell, Richard Roach, Chris Monk, Dave Stanbridge , Mark [...]

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1 12, 2016

Trophy Presentations for 2016


Trophy Presentations for 2016 will be held on Friday evening 17th February at The Fleet. Similar arrangements to last year, which was heavily subsidised from Club funds. Less subsidy this time and the £20 per head agreed by Committee will come close to meeting expenses. Guest will be Harry Lodge (Halo Sports, our kit provider). [...]

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